Giambattista Valli dazzles Barcelona during the Bridal Night

BARCELONA, Spain, April 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The most exclusive fashion show of the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week charmed over 450 guests last night who enjoyed a unique show in the historic building of the Llotja de Mar. The Maison Giambattista Valli exclusively celebrated the runway debut of its bridal collection during the Bridal Night, the gala evening of the event organized by Fira de Barcelona with the support of the Catalan Ministry of Business and Labor.

In an extraordinary show, Giambattista Valli’s 30 creations shone with their own light. It was a culmination of silhouettes, representing a comprehensive exhibition of Mr. Valli’s concept of contemporary bridal dressing, inviting his audience to witness the manifestation of his vision, translated into a presentation that embodies the essence of individuality, sharing a dream and a celebration and love.

The fashion show featured ten dresses from the third “Love Collection,” ten iconic silhouettes from the first and second “Love Collections” and ten Haute Couture creations, inspiring the magnificence and the savoir-faire of the Ateliers, stepping away from classic wedding rituals and focusing on the significance of the emotions of the “moment” and the joys of celebrations. Infused with the Maison’s idyllic aesthetic and excellence, Valli’s dresses stood out with a contemporary edge, whether through clean lines, unforgettable volumes or unexpected details inspired by the personalities of an imaginary new group – Mr. Valli’s friends. This blend of classic and modern appeals to many brides worldwide looking for a unique wedding gown, in pure Valli style and tied to their own personal storytelling.

The prestigious designer was delighted after the show and said that, “I chose Barcelona and Bridal Fashion Week for the debut of my Love Collection 3 because it is an event that attracts a diverse audience of fashion enthusiasts, designers, buyers and media from all over the world, and provides me with maximum global visibility and opportunities for success.” He added, “In addition, Barcelona’s romantic and cosmopolitan atmosphere matches perfectly with the theme of my collection, which celebrates love and romance.”

The Barcelona Bridal Night had a luxurious audience and front row, including it-girl, model and international fashion icon Olivia Palermo, model and countess Lara Cosima Henckel von Donnersmarck, stylist and designer Pelayo Diaz, actress Hiba Abouk, actress and model Blanca Romero, model Marco Llorente, and TV hostess and actress Marta Torné, among other personalities.

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Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed attends launch of ‘Medeem’ initiative

ABU DHABI: H.H. Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Chairman of the Presidential Court for Development and Martyrs Families affairs, has attended the launch of the Medeem initiative.

Developed by the Department of Community Development (DCD), the initiative aims to support UAE Nationals to adopt and preserve Emirati values, while providing services to support in the planning of affordable weddings and preparations for married life.

H.H. praised the ongoing efforts by DCD to provide guidance and support for UAE Nationals, facilitating the development of happy and healthy families that contribute to building a cohesive society in line with the Abu Dhabi Family Wellbeing Strategy.

Specifically designed for citizens of Abu Dhabi, Medeem provides guidance and support to ensure that every marriage is built on solid foundations. In so doing, the initiative hopes to facilitate happy and healthy families that contribute to a strong and stable society.

Spanning a wide variety of qualitative projec
ts aimed at young people for those about to marry, families, parents, and businesses and professionals in the wedding industry, Medeem is one of the key initiatives that supports the aims of the Abu Dhabi Strategy for Quality of Family Life.

Medeem consists of four main pillars: Medeem Center for Family Flourishing, the Medeem Benefits Program, the Medeem Digital Platform and the Medeem Wedding Model.

The Medeem Center for Family Flourishing is providing further ways for Medeem to achieve its goals. It will provide an array of services and programmes for those who are about to marry and emerging families who are progressing through their journey together. Set to launch during the second quarter of 2024, innovative family guidance, family mediation, and post-divorce counseling services will all be delivered by specialised and qualified staff in the fields of marital relations and family and psychological counselling.

The Medeem Center for Family Flourishing particularly supports betrothed couples during the
pre-wedding phase. The pillar guides couples through all psychological, social, and financial steps involved with marriage, and provides them with advice on how to properly establish their joint married life, form cohesive families, and practice positive parenting with the aim of raising morally guided children who actively contribute to the local community.

The Medeem Benefits Program offers a package of special offers and exclusive discounts for those who are about to get married.

The Medeem Digital Platform presents a wide choice of services and educational materials for young couples who are about to get married and are looking to securely establish their joint marital life. The platform also helps newlyweds comprehensively plan how to form cohesive families and raise children who contribute to building and developing society.

The third pillar of the initiative is the Medeem Wedding Model for Women’s Weddings. Inspired by the local Emirati community and created in cooperation with more than 25 partners
from the public and private sectors, the reimagined model for female weddings invites up to five families to come together and collectively share in the joys of the wedding experience over several days. Delivered under stringent sustainability standards and using innovative waste-reduction methods, the model is designed to have a positive impact on the environment. As the total cost is split equally between each couple, it’s also an extremely economical wedding solution that reduces the financial strain placed on citizens, and encourages the formation of lasting and blessed marriages.

Dr Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, Chairman of the Department of Community Development (DCD), emphasised that His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, is passionate about providing a high quality of life for all his citizens, and investing in human beings, the real wealth of the nation, and the key to its comprehensive and sustainable development.

He added that this initiative reflected the approach ado
pted by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan who believed in the importance of helping young people build families. Medeem’s ambition to facilitate marriages and reduce the costs and burdens of weddings reflects his vision and emphasises the importance of sustaining the authentic values of Emirati culture.

He appreciated the great efforts made by Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the General Women’s Union, President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation, and Mother of the Nation, in order to support the country’s youth, enhance the stability and growth of the Emirati family, and create a healthy family environment that provides care, proper upbringing of children, and consolidating the stability and prosperity of society.

The Medeem initiative was inspired by the wise words of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan who once said: “Since the dawn of our national endeavours, we have persistently strived to s
hape an environment that supports family stability and underscores the indispensable role of families in our societal fabric and national identity.”

Source: Emirates News Agency

7 martyrs and injured as a result of the occupation bombing of a house in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip

Gaza: 7 citizens were martyred in a raid carried out by Israeli occupation aircraft, tonight, on the Tal Al-Sultan neighborhood in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

Local sources said that 7 martyrs, the majority of whom were children and women, were martyred when the Israeli occupation aircraft bombed a house in the Tal Al-Sultan neighborhood, west of the city of Rafah.

The occupation bombed a house belonging to the Al-Arja family in Rafah, and targeted another house in Al-Shati camp, west of Gaza City, while artillery continues to bomb the eastern areas

Source: Maan News Agency

All water wells in Gaza City stopped two weeks ago

Gaza: All water wells in Gaza City stopped completely two weeks ago due to a lack of fuel.

Salama Maarouf, head of the government media office, said that Gaza City is facing a new environmental disaster that threatens citizens, adding to the series of disasters that the occupation has caused in the Gaza Strip since it launched its brutal aggression. This disaster is represented by the complete stoppage of all water wells in the city two weeks ago due to the depletion of quantities of water. The scarce fuel that was available to the Gaza municipality during the last period.

He added in a statement linked together: ‘In light of the inability of municipal crews to operate the water wells that survived the barbarism and bombing of the occupation, the entire city is now living in a state of extreme thirst due to the water outage, especially with the continued stoppage of water pumping from the ‘Mekorot’ line since the beginning of the aggression.’ The desalination plant, more than 40 water wells, and 120,000 lin
ear meters of water networks in the city were completely destroyed.’

He stressed that this crisis has reached its peak now with the start of rising temperatures and the increase in demand and consumption, which requires all concerned parties to intervene urgently to provide fuel and resupply water to citizens urgently, and save them from a state of extreme thirst and the health and environmental crisis that will be exacerbated by the water shortage.

We call on the international community to put an end to the occupation’s crimes against the civilian service sectors, and we call on them to take urgent action to support municipalities and provide the necessary equipment and mechanisms for their work, especially in light of the large burden currently placed on them in serving citizens and delivering basic services to them, most notably water.

Marouf called for serious international legal action to investigate all the crimes committed by the occupation army against municipalities, local councils and other servi
ce institutions, and to take a responsible stance in the face of the continuation of such crimes

Source: Maan News Agency

Renowned actor Salah El-Saadany dies at 80

One of Egypt’s most renowned actors Salah El-Saadany passed away in the early hours of Friday at the age of 80. His passing comes after a decade of stepping away from limelight due to illness.

Salah El-Saadany was born on 23 October 1943 in Giza, Egypt.

Born to a family with rural roots he first studied at the faculty of agriculture, graduating with a bachelor’s degree.

As a student, he joined a variety of amateur theatre troupes, often performing hand in hand with another up-and-coming talent, Adel Imam, on the university campus stage.

He found recognition in theatre and radio acting before slowly making his way to numerous films and television series.

He landed roles in The Victim (1964), La Tutfei al-Shams (The Sun Will Never Set, 1965), Shayateen El Leyl (Devils of the Night, 1966), and The Departure (1967), among others.

In 1970, he played in Youssef Chahine’s El-Ard (The Land), and then embarked on dynamic work with many renowned directors and well-known actors, often appearing in more than six p
roductions in a year.

Among the most significant titles of the 1970s and the 1980s are Oghnia Ala Al-Mamar (A Song on the Passage, 1972), Shelet El Moshaghbeen (The Troublemakers, 1973) , Al-Rasasa la Tazalu fe Gaibi (The Bullet Is Still in My Pocket, 1977), Le piège (1982), Layali Al-Helmaya series (Al-Helmiya Nights, 1985-1990), Zaman Hatem Zahran (The Time of Hatem Zahran, 1987), Beggars and Noblemen (1991), among dozens of others.

This was paralleled with several highly successful theatre plays, with El-Saadani taking the leading roles in plays such as Ballo (1995), and The King Is the King (2006), among others.

Throughout his five-decades-long career, El-Saadani appeared in countless radio series, more than 20 theatre plays, 70 films, and double that number of TV series.

In the 2000s, El-Saadani focused more on TV series, including The Yacoubian Building (2008)

His health deteriorated, and since 2013 he has spent most of his days at home, in bed. His last work was a leading role in the TV series Al-
Qasirat (The Minors, 2013).

Source: State Information Service Egypt

UAE President honours eight individuals with Abu Dhabi Awards

ABU DHABI: His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, has honoured eight individuals for their notable contributions to communities across the UAE at a ceremony marking the 11th edition of the Abu Dhabi Awards, held at Qasr Al Hosn in Abu Dhabi.

The 11th edition of the Abu Dhabi Awards honoured individuals whose contributions have positively benefited the UAE across diverse fields such as education, sustainability, medicine, humanitarian relief, community awareness, and the empowerment of People of Determination.

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan conveyed his congratulations to all the honourees, recognising their inspiring efforts and significant contributions in service to society.

His Highness said: “The recipients of the Abu Dhabi Awards truly embody the timeless values of giving, compassion, and altruism, and through their deeds they have positively impacted UAE society in a variety of ways. By honouring their selflessness and dedication, we a
lso celebrate and reinforce the values exemplified by the Founding Father of the UAE, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.’

The ceremony was attended by H.H. Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi; H.H. Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior;H.H. Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Chairman of the Presidential Court for Development and Martyrs Families affairs; H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan; H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan; H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan; Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Tahnoun Al Nahyan, Advisor for Special Affairs at the Presidential Court; in addition to a wide range of dignitaries, senior officials, the families of award recipients, and the official partners and supporters of the initiative.

Individuals honoured in the 11th edition of the Abu Dhabi Awards include:

Amna Khalifa Al Qemzi, a pioneer in organic agricultur
e who is dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability and sharing her expertise with community members through her continuous endeavours in this field.

Dr. Ahmed Osman Shatila, a consultant neurologist who manages the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic at the Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City, which he also played a pivotal role in establishing, and who consistently dedicates his expertise to benefit the UAE community.

Imen Sfaxi, who bravely utilised her first aid expertise to assist those injured in a fire that occurred in a residential building in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in 2022.

Salaamah Saif Al Teneij, who at 16 years of age plays an active role in raising awareness about various topics of importance to children, including bullying prevention and online safety.

Klaithem Obaid Al Matrooshi, a pioneering figure in the field of human rights, who has worked to empower People of Determination, especially women, and has achieved outstanding local and global accomplishments.

Mezna Matar Al Mansoori, a key figur
e in the educational sector in the Al Sila area in the Western Region who has made significant contributions in the field of child development benefiting several generations. Described as a virtuous educator and a caring and inspiring mother, she has worked tirelessly to instil in children and youth the foundations of civic responsibility and the values of tolerance, giving, and goodness.

Saeed Naseeb Al Mansoori, who has become a role model for his generosity, charitable endeavours, and exemplary citizenship. One of his most notable contributions has been his unwavering support for education in the Al Wathba region spanning over 30 years. Saeed serves as an inspiration for generations, with many fondly recalling his kindness, motivation, and assistance in their pursuit of knowledge and service to the nation.

John Sexton, who is renowned for his dedication to education, and who has made a significant contribution to the nation’s educational landscape, most notably through his pivotal role in the founding of
New York University Abu Dhabi. Through his unwavering encouragement and support for students, Sexton has positively influenced the lives of many in the UAE and around the world.

The Abu Dhabi Awards recognise those who have selflessly devoted their time and efforts to serving the UAE community, leaving a lasting positive impact. Their profound contributions will endure for decades to come.

The Awards also aim to serve as a source of inspiration, motivating all members of the community to perform acts of goodness and make their own positive contributions to society. They provide an opportunity for individuals to nominate unsung heroes who have contributed to the advancement of society through their sacrifices and selfless efforts in service to the community.

Established in 2005, the Abu Dhabi Awards have recognised 100 individuals from 17 different nationalities for their valuable contributions in various fields, including medical care, education, environmental sustainability, and the preservation of the ri
ch heritage of the UAE.

Community members are encouraged to nominate their own heroes for future editions by visiting the Abu Dhabi Awards website

Source: Emirates News Agency

MBZF: Over AED14.3 million provided to support global bird conservation

ABU DHABI: The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund (MBZF) has provided more than 390 grants of more than AED14.3 million since its establishment to support the conservation of threatened bird species around the world, according to The Abu Dhabi Media Office (ADMO).

MBZF’s commitment to the conservation of bird species is rooted in the vision of the UAE leadership, who are championing conservation efforts for the falcon and houbara bustard within the UAE and on the international stage.

MBZF recognises the pivotal role bird species play in ecological balance and the overall well-being of ecosystems. Birds, as indicators of environmental health, are vital pollinators, nutrient recyclers, and natural pest controllers, contributing to a sustainable and thriving planet.

Nicolas Heard, Acting Director-General, MBZF, said, ‘Birds are a varied group of species (from sparrows to penguins to ostriches and falcons), which play a broad range of roles in protecting our ecosystems and the health of our planet. Th
ey help by disbursing seeds in forests, provide cleaning services in all habitats around the world and provide us with joy through their colours and voices.

‘Sadly, many birds are threatened with extinction, especially those which occur on islands, or have lost the ability to fly, as well as the raptor birds, such as vultures and eagles. We must work together to conserve these wonderful creatures, by protecting them from the many threats they face.’

Notable MBZF bird conservation projects

The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund has supported the Red-fronted Macaw conservation project led by Asociación Armonía in Bolivia. With a population of around 1,200 individuals, and facing threats from habitat destruction, poaching and illegal trade, the Red-fronted Macaw is critically endangered. MBZF’s support enables Asociación Armonía to protect the macaws in four regions, by focusing on community involvement and habitat preservation.

The Red-fronted Macaw Community Reserve, a key reproductive site, boast
s at least 20 breeding pairs annually. Critically, during the pandemic, MBZF continued funding to support community tourism and habitat restoration. Armonía’s innovative approach includes wooden nestboxes, habitat restoration efforts, and an agroforestry system, creating a blueprint for successful conservation with a tourism angle benefiting local communities.

Beyond species conservation, MBZF also celebrates individuals who dedicate themselves to the protection of endangered bird species. Locally, the Fund supports Sami Majeed and his efforts to protect the critically endangered Omani Owl. Majeed and his team conduct night surveys (travelling around 200km per night) within the Wadi Wurayah National Park in Fujairah, using acoustic and camera surveys to detect the elusive species. In 2020, Majeed secured the first daytime record of the Arabian Spotted Eagle Owl in the UAE, and in 2021 was able to get the only visual record of the Omani Owl in the UAE.

Sami Ullah Majeed, Park Ranger, Fujairah Environment Aut
hority, said, ‘The impact of the MBZF funding goes beyond the equipment. It reignited my connection to these incredible creatures and reaffirmed my commitment to their well-being. This grant has given me the means to amplify my efforts, and I can’t express how much that means to me.’

In the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia, MBZF is also supporting a team in their fight to prevent the native Fatu Hiva monarch species from going extinct. With less than 20 individuals and only 5 breeding pairs remaining, the species has faced catastrophic decline since the 1990s and is listed as Critically Endangered by the IUCN Red List.

The Ornithological Society of Polynesia, supported by the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, is spearheading an ambitious initiative to enhance anti-malaria management and supplementary feeding programs for the species. Feeders placed around nests are topped up at least three times a week to enhance fledgling fitness, and money from the grant has been used to purchase mosquito
traps around active nests during incubation, as newborns are more susceptible to malaria.

Camera traps have recorded every fledgling born in 2022 utilising the feeders, validating the success of this strategy. The feeders are withdrawn during the emancipation period when the birds learn vital foraging skills.

Global species conservation initiatives

The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund provides targeted grants to individual species conservation initiatives around the world, recognises leaders in the field of species conservation, and elevates the importance of species in the broader conservation debate.

Reflecting the deep-rooted commitment of both the government and the people of Abu Dhabi to preserve their natural heritage, the Fund has supported more than 2,700 projects across 160 countries to protect more than 1,700 species from extinction.

Source: Emirates News Agency

Deputy Ruler of Sharjah reviews Sharjah Airport’s return to normalcy

SHARJAH: H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Salem bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Deputy Ruler of Sharjah visited Sharjah Airport (SA) on Friday evening to make sure that everything was back to normal at the airport after the recent bad weather in the country.

During the inspection visit, Sheikh Abdullah bin Salem learned about how the incident affected air traffic and operating routines, causing several flights to be rescheduled to protect people and ensure safe operations.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Salem was briefed about the diligent efforts of the airport teams to swiftly restore operations. He praised their bravery in facing challenges and difficulties, lauding their dedication to upholding safety standards and professionalism. Additionally, he commended their proactive approach in handling emergency circumstances.

Source: Emirates News Agency

Romanian PM visits Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

ABU DHABI: Ion-Marcel Ciolacu, Prime Minister of Romania, toured the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque during his official visit to the UAE.

Ion-Marcel Ciolacu was accompanied by Sultan Mohammed Al-Ali, the UAE’s Ambassador to Romania, Bogdan Octavian Badica, Romania’s Ambassador to the UAE, and senior Romanian officials. The Prime Minister of Romania and his accompanying delegation began their tour with a visit to the final resting place of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and recalled the Founding Father’s qualities and wise approach that enriched the culture of tolerance and peaceful coexistence among various nations of the world.

Later, Dr. Yousif Al Obaidli, Director-General of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre (SZGMC) accompanied them on a tour of the mosque’s halls and external corridors.

During the tour, they were briefed about the mosque’s noble message that highlights notions of coexistence, tolerance, and openness to other cultures, inspired by the nation’s late founder’s rich legacy, and about
the mosque’s leading role in highlighting the Islamic culture’s true essence and promoting cross-cultural communication worldwide.

At the end of the visit, the guest was presented with two of the Centre’s distinctive publications.

The first titled ‘Spaces of Light,’ showcasing the winning photographs in the ‘Spaces of Light’ photography award, annually organised by the Centre in celebration of the scenic aesthetics and visual culture of the mosque, and another copy of a book titled ‘Houses of God’ about places of worship in the Islamic history.

Source: Emirates News Agency

UAE President receives phone calls from King of Jordan and Prime Minister of Pakistan

ABU DHABI: President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan received two phone calls from His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and His Excellency Shehbaz Sharif, Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, in which they expressed their wishes for the safety of the UAE and its people following the difficult weather conditions and heavy rains that the country witnessed recently.

His Majesty King Abdullah II and His Excellency Shehbaz Sharif affirmed their sincere wishes for God Almighty to protect the UAE and its people from all harm and grant them wellbeing and prosperity.

For his part, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan thanked his brother, His Majesty King Abdullah II, and the Pakistani Prime Minister, and expressed his appreciation for their warm sentiments towards the UAE and its people, stressing the strength of the relations that unite the UAE with Jordan and Pakistan.

Source: Emirates News Agency

Ahmed Al Sayegh meets Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Korea

ABU DHABI: Ahmed bin Ali Al Sayegh, Minister of State, met with Kim Hong Kyun, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abu Dhabi.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed ways to develop bilateral ties between the UAE and the Republic of Korea, as well as prospects of further cooperation across various fields, as part of the special strategic relations between the two countries.

Both sides discussed several issues of mutual interest, including ways to enhance cooperation in the field of renewable energy and peaceful nuclear power, and within the defense industries, with particular focus on enhancing economic and trade collaborations to achieve the interests of both countries and their peoples.

In this regard, Kim Hong Kyun commended the discussions held regarding the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA), and expressed his hopes regarding officially signing the agreement between the two countries as soon as possib

The two sides also reviewed regional issues of mutual interest, including the security and stability of the Middle East and the South Korean peninsula, and affirmed their shared commitment to reinforce dialogue and cooperation while peacefully resolving conflicts, to address common challenges and consolidate peace and prosperity in the region.

Source: Emirates News Agency

Rashid Al Nuaimi inspects Ajman Corniche development project

AJMAN: Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, inspected the ongoing development of the Ajman Corniche.

The project’s goals are to elevate the visual appeal of the existing beachfront, implement effective coastal protection measures, and expand the greenery within Ajman’s prime natural leisure zones.

During his tour, Sheikh Rashid was accompanied by Khaled Moeen Al Hosani, Executive Director of the Public Health and Environment Sector at the Municipality and Planning Department – Ajman; Dr. Eng. Mohammed Ahmed bin Omair Al Muhairi, the Executive Director for the Infrastructure Development Sector; and several officials.

Sheikh Rashid commended the efforts of the project team, which is working towards achieving the project’s goal of enhancing the site’s appeal for tourism and investment by providing luxurious and joyful experiences for visitors and diverse facilities catering to all segments and categories. These ongoing efforts will help ensure a hi
gh quality of life and community happiness.

Sheikh Rashid has been closely monitoring the initial phase of the Ajman Corniche development project, which encompasses dismantling existing marine structures and partially removing the rock barriers at the edge of the reclaimed land. This phase also includes the construction of southern, central, and northern rock wave barriers, along with a seabed barrier. Moreover, the project includes dredging sand approximately three kilometres from the shore to nourish and broaden the beachfront.

Sheikh Rashid instructed the team to continue working on the project, which is slated for completion in 12 months and will result in a new verdant space of around 300,000 square metres. The beachfront is also set to be extended by some 150 metres into the sea.

Dr. Eng. Alya Majlad Al Shamsi, Head of the Corniche Development Project Team, explained the project’s stages and objectives to Sheikh Rashid. She stressed that the work is in line with a comprehensive development plan and i
s consistent with the ambitious vision of the Emirate of Ajman. The vision aims to achieve sustainable improvements to its significant natural landmarks, transforming them into an appealing hub for the economy, investment, tourism, happiness, and optimal living.

Source: Emirates News Agency