Islamic Resistance in Iraq announced that it has attacked a vital target in Eilat, located in the south of occupied Palestine.

The Resistance group said that the attack was carried out in response to the Israeli regime’s violation of Iraqi sovereignty.

The anti-Zionist operation was carried out using drones, according to the Resistance group.

Since the start of the al-Aqsa Storm operation on the 7th of last October, the occupied port of Eilat has been targeted several times by the Yemeni forces and the Islamic Resistance of Iraq to declare support for the oppressed people of Gaza.

Israel waged its brutal war on besieged Gaza on October 7 after Hamas carried out an unprecedented operation against the occupying entity in retaliation for its intensified atrocities against the Palestinian people.

Israel has imposed a complete siege on the densely populated territory, cutting off fuel, electricity, food, and water to the more than two million Palestinians living there.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon

PDTRA lowers Petra’s entry ticket fees for non-Jordanians

Petra: Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority (PDTRA) Board of Commissioners decided to reduce service fee on entry tickets to the archaeological site for non-Jordanians, aimed to promote sustainable tourism and celebrate the occasion of World Heritage Day.

The reduction reflects the PDTRA’s duty to support the Kingdom’s tourism sector at the national and local levels and stimulate Jordanian tourism agencies to attract the largest number of tourists, according to a PDTRA statement.

In response to the decline in demand for tourism, especially in Petra, PDTRA decided to lower service fee on prepaid tickets for Jordanian travel and tourism agencies by a rate ranging between 10-17%, making the levy for 1-day at JD45, and JD47 and JD50, for two and three days, respectively.

The statement said tickets are open for purchase from 21/4 to 30/6, and prepaid tickets remain valid until 31/12/2025.

The PDTRA also slashed the service fee for Arab visitors to JD9 as of May 1, which make the value of tickets for
Arabs, including the service levy for 1 day at JD30, JD35 for two days, and JD40 for three days.

Due to introduction of multiple new services for visitors, the PDTRA decided to add a service fee for residents at a value of JD9 , bringing value of the ticket to JD10, with the new price effective as of next May 1.

Meanwhile, PDTRA kept the ticket price for one-day visitors without an overnight stay at JD90, and exemption will be maintained for guests accompanying their dependents, who are not more than 12 years old, as well as group trips for students of Jordanian universities and schools.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Jordan to participate in Saudi food show next Monday

Amman: Jordanian companies operating in the food manufacturing field will begin their participation in the Saudi Food Manufacturing Show 2024,Which will open its operations on April 30 in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

Jordan’s participation in the three-day event is coordinated by the Jordan Exporters Association (JEA), while several countries take part in the show in its first edition, namely Saudi Arabia, Italy, India, China, the United Kingdom, the UAE, Denmark, Pakistan, Singapore, and Germany.

In a statement Saturday, JEA Chairman, Ahmed Khudari, said coordination of the participation of Jordanian industries in the show aims to diversify and increase national exports and learn about the latest developments, technologies and innovations in the food manufacturing industry.

Khudari added that JEA’s coordinating effort aims to ensure that national companies could promote their products and launch new partnerships in foreign markets, in light of the “broad” international participation in this event.

ally, he noted Saudi market is a “key” destination for Jordanian industrial exports, in light of the two brotherly kingdoms’ “strong” relations at various levels and their geographical proximity.

Jordanian industry, he noted, has witnessed “remarkable” development over the past years in terms of quality and competitive price, as reflected in its access to more than 142 markets across the world.

Khudari stressed importance of developing industrial exports in stimulating the national economy, achieving the “desired” economic growth rates, generating more job opportunities, attracting new investments and supporting the Kingdom’s foreign currency reserves.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Warm weather to prevail almost countrywide Saturday-JMD

Amman: The weather on Saturday will be warm almost countrywide and relatively hot in the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and Aqaba, Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) said in its daily update.

According to the JMD report, Sunday will see a slight drop in temperatures and the weather will be warm almost nationwide and relatively hot in the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and Aqaba.

On Monday, a slight rise in temperatures is forecast and almost similar weather as the day earlier will prevail.

Temperatures continue to rise on Tuesday, recording by about (5-6) degrees Celsius higher than their seasonal average.

Also today, temperatures in the capital Amman will hit a high of 26 degrees Celsius, dropping to 12C at night, while the port city of Aqaba will see a blazing daytime 34C, sliding to 22C during night hours.

Source: Jordan News Agency

US military denies conducting airstrikes in Iraq

The U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) denied has reports claiming that the American army conducted airstrikes on Iraq.

CENTCOM said in a statement on (X) -formerly known as Twitter- that “the US Central Command was aware of the reports alleging that the United States conducted airstrikes in Iraq.” The statement also confirmed that “those reports were not true, and the United States did not conduct any airstrikes in Iraq.” Iraqi security authorities announced bombardment targeted the military base of Camp (Kalsu) in the province of Babil, Iraq, resulting in three injuries.

The security committee in Babil province mentioned that the base witnessed five explosions as a result of a drone strike on sites belonging to the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) there, indicating that the situation was under control at the base. Meanwhile, a team of specialized security personnel arrived at the scene to investigate the incident.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

Kuwait crude oil rises to USD 88.38 pb – KPC

Kuwait crude oil edged up by 23 cents to settle at USD 88.38 per barrel on Friday compared with USD 88.15 pb the day before, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) said on Saturday.

Benchmark Brent futures edged down by 18 cents to settle the price at USD USD 87.29 pb and those of the West Texas Intermediate moved downward by 41 cents, putting the price at USD 83.14 pb.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

Lebanese resistance mourn four martyrs in battles against Israeli occupation forces

The Israeli occupation warplanes attacked two towns in southern Lebanon on Saturday afternoon, killing three members of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance.

A fourth member of the Islamic Resistance, identified as Mujahed Mohammad Hassan Al-Sayyid Abdel-Mehsen Fadlallah, was martyred in clashes with the Israeli enemy, the Lebanese National News Agency (NNA) reported.

The air attacks targeted Al-Dhahira and Al-Jebain while Aita Al-Shaab town came under an Israeli drone attack. Other southern Lebanese towns, including Alama Al-Shaab, Al-Hosh, Borj Al-Melouk and Talat Hamames, came under artillery bombardment by the Israeli occupation forces.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Resistance said its fighters attacked the Israeli military posts of Hanita, Hadab Yarin, Jabal Adathir (Har Addir) and Ruwaisat al-Alam, and Shlomi settlement. The attacks of the Islamic Resistance came in support of, and in solidarity with, the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip who have been in a valiant war against the Israeli occupation forces si
nce October 7, according to a statement from the Resistance.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

Israeli occupation kills five more Palestinians at Nour Sham refugee camp

At least five more Palestinians have been killed by Israeli occupation forces during the ongoing Israeli occupation military action against Nour Sham refugee camp in the West Bank since Friday evening.

The five Palestinian martyrs were identified as Alaa Abdel Rahim, Jaafar A’amar, Ahmad Shahada, Omar Abu Al-Rob, and Ali Abdullah, the Palestinian Health Ministry said in a press statement.

Thus, the total number of Palestinian martyrs killed in the ongoing incursion by Israeli occupation forces into the Nour Sham refugee camp since Thursday evening, has risen to seven, it added.

Qais Nasrallah, 15, and Salim Faisal Ghunaim, 30, were shot dead in an attack on their houses at the camp

Source: Kuwait News Agency

16 Palestinians brutally massacred in a series of Israeli strikes in Rafah

GAZA: At least 16 Palestinian citizens, including nine children, were killed at dawn today in a series of Israeli aerial and artillery strikes targeting several homes in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, as Israel’s genocidal war enters its 198th day.

WAFA correspondents reported that eight Palestinian citizens, including five children and two women, were killed in Israeli airstrikes that hit two homes in the city of Rafah.

Additionally, five civilians, including four children, were killed and others were injured in an Israeli bombing that targeted a house on George Street, east of Rafah.

Earlier in the night, three civilians were killed as a result of an Israeli raid that targeted a house in the Shaboura camp in the center of Rafah.

Simultaneously, medical sources reported that a civilian, his child, and his pregnant wife were killed as a result of an Israeli strike that targeted a house for the Joudeh family in the Shaboura camp in the center of Rafah.

In the meantime, a number of civilians,
most of them children, were injured in the bombing by Israeli warplaanes of their house in the camp.

In this context, the Civil Defense in Gaza announced that it had recovered the bodies of 50 martyrs who had been buried in a mass grave by the Israeli occupation forces inside the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis.

The ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza since October 7, 2023, has resulted in 34,049 documented Palestinian fatalities so far, with the majority being children and women. In addition, 76,901 injuries have been documented since the start of the onslaught, with thousands still trapped under the rubble.

Source: Palestine News and Information Agency – WAFA

Jewish settlers kill Palestinian, injure two in S. Nablus

Backed by Israeli occupation forces, Jewish settlers Saturday murdered a Palestinian ambulance driver and injured another two civilians in an attack in south Nablus in the West Bank, said the Palestinian Health Ministry.

Mohammad Musa, 50, fell martyred in the attack near the Palestinian village of Al-Sawiya while he was taking in his ambulance two wounded civilians to hospital, the ministry said in a press statement.

Of the two injured Palestinians, one was hit in his chest while the other was hit by flying shrapnels on his face, the ministry added.

Scores of Jewish settlers, supported by Israeli occupation forces, opened fire on Palestinian houses near Al-Sawiya Village.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

Death toll in Tulkarm surges to 14 as Israeli troops pull out

TULKARM: The Ministry of Health announced tonight the arrival of 13 Palestinian fatalities at the Thabet Governmental Hospital in Tulkarm, north of the West Bank, in the aftermath of the deadly Israeli onslaught on Nour Shams refugee camp in the city.

The ministry said with the latest figures, the total number of citizens killed since the beginning of the Israeli offensive in the camp has risen to 14.

Medical teams and ambulance crews were only able to enter the camp tonight following a partial withdrawal of Israeli troops from the camp after a 48-long onslaught.

The 14 victims were identified as Ahmed Ghaleb Ali, 24, Salim Faisal Ghannam, 29, Qais Nasrallah, 16, Alaa Abdel Rahim, 35, Jaafar Salim Omar, 20 years old, Ahmed Hossam Shehadeh, 20, Omar Saleh Abu Al-Rub, 24, Ali Mohammad Abdullah, 25, Jihad Niyaz Jaber, 17, Rajai Abu Sweilem, 39, Mujahid Al-Salta, Ali Abdel Rahim, Mahmoud Ghanem, and Nassim Musabih, 21 years old.

In addition to the 14 fatalities, Israeli army bulldozers carried out extensive d
emolition and destruction of infrastructure and properties, targeted the camp’s bakery, commercial shops, houses, and walls, and destroyed several vehicles.

Israeli occupation forces are also raided dozens of homes, deploying attack dogs, searching, vandalizing, and arresting youths, assaulting them with beatings and abuse, and deploying snipers on the rooftops of tall buildings. They also bombed a number of homes with shoulder-launched missiles.

Source: Palestine News and Information Agency – WAFA

Briefing of KUNA main news for Saturday until 12:00 GMT

Voters are heading to the polls to cast ballots for the scheduled municipal by-elections in a process due between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

KUWAIT — Minister of Justice, Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Dr. Mohammad Al-Wasmi inspects polling stations of the municipal by-elections. Photo feature.

LONDON — An oil tanker has been lightly damaged in an attack off the Yemeni coast.

KUWAIT — The price of Kuwait oil went up 84 cents to reach USD 85.74 per barrel on Friday as opposed to USD 84.90 pb the day before.

Source: Kuwait News Agency