NNA – General Security Chief, Abbas Ibrahim, sent a cangratulatory message to the officers on the occasion of the blessed Eid Al-Fitr.

“Eid falls this year on our homeland while the suffering is racing the joy as a result of the general collapse that is striking and cracking all sectors one after the other.  Therefore, your greetings accompany your call for steadfastness and cohesion in the performance of administrative and security duties, and adherence to the highest standards of transparency and discipline, as you have promised the Lebanese,” he said

“The realities of life are struggling with hope for the advancement of Lebanon once again, but what the situation has reached requires actions from all of us and not words, because aspirations do not stop hunger nor create opportunities, and the solution depends on general national performance. Therefore, what is required of you is to whithstand more and more despite what you suffer each day because of the daily living conditions, but what we are experiencing is exactly what all the Lebanese are living,” he added.

Finally, Abbas considered that the exiting status quo “requires diligent and sincere work from all public and private administrations and sectors to overcome the existential ordeal, which requires exceptional performance in line with these exceptional circumstances.”


Source: National News Agency-Lebanon

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