Allawi Calls On Arab Leaders To Support The Unity Of The Palestinian People

Baghdad / NINA / -The leader of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, stressed the need to strengthen Palestinian national unity as the ultimate weapon in the face of the Israeli occupation’s plans and continuous aggressions, calling on Arab leaders to support the unity of the Palestinian people.

Allawi reviewed, during his meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Palestine, Riyad al-Maliki, and his accompanying delegation, the repercussions of the recent Israeli attacks and the martyrdom of dozens of innocent people, as well as the complete destruction of the infrastructure.

He appreciated, according to a statement by his media office, the steadfastness and bravery of the brothers in Palestine, reiterated his support for all efforts aimed at reaching a just, comprehensive and lasting solution that preserves the rights and dignity of the Palestinian people under its legitimate and patriotic leadership.

Allawi also called on Arab leaders to actively contribute to the rehabilitation and reconstruction of what was left by the Israeli attacks, as well as the formation of a fund to support al-Quds and support the unity of the Palestinian ranks to achieve Palestinian consensus as a basis for treating the Palestinian issue regionally and internationally. / End


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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