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Arab Parliament Speaker stresses Arab support for Palestinian rights

Cairo, May 19 (BNA): Speaker of the Arab Parliament (AP), Adel Al-Asoomi, has stressed that Jerusalem has witnessed dangerous developments over the past period as a result of the systematic violations of the Israeli occupation forces of the Palestinian rights, their repeated storming of the Aqsa Mosque and cowardly assaults against worshippers and local inhabitant, in addition to their ethnic cleansing crime in the Shaikh Jarrah neighbourhood and other neighbourhoods in order to displace the local population.


Al-Asoomi made the statements while addressing the AP’s emergency session held here today at the headquarters of the Arab League’s Secretariat-General, with the participation of the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas.


He indicated that the Arab Parliament will step up its contacts with influential regional and international parliaments to urge them to take the necessary actions to put an end to the violations and attacks of the occupation forces, as well as to mobilise supportive international parliamentary stances.


“The Palestinian cause is the cause of the right and justice in the face of oppression and arrogance.


It also embodies the main crisis currently facing the global humanitarian conscience, especially in light of the shameful international silence regarding the blatant attacks by the occupation authorities on the rights of the Palestinian people,” he said.


Source: Bahrain News Agency