Arab Securities Commissions Board’s 15th Meeting

The Sultanate of Oman represented by the Capital Market Authority participated in the meeting of the members of  Board of Arab Securities Commissions Association with the participation of the presidents and officers of the supervisors of Arab capital markets through video conference. CMA was represented by HE Sheikh Abdullah Salim Al Salmi, Executive President.


The meeting  discussed  a number of topics related to the regulation and developing the capital markets in the Arab countries, the developments in the  Arab stock exchanges and reviewed the annual report of the Association for 2020.


The meeting reviewed the progress in execution of the general principles and guidelines approved for Arab capital markets, establishment of e-education portal to provide specialized training programs related to capital markets proportionate for  the needs of the member states.


The secretariat general of the association continued in 2020 providing training programs through electronic communication methods for about 870 trainees most of them working in the field of capital markets and regulated entities.


Arab Securities Commissions Association was established in 2007 as independent non for profit organization based in the United Arab Emirates  with the aim of upgrading the legislations and regulations of Arab capital markets to achieve fairness, efficiency and transparency  and to unify the efforts to reach to efficient standards of regulation over the transactions in the Arab securities markets.


Source: Capital Market Authority

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