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NNA – Lebanese Producer, Madeleine Abdel-Jaleel Umewaka, wife of Japanese Artist Naohiko Umewaka, who is responsible for the Noah Theater, the oldest remaining form of the ancient Japanese theater, held a Lebanese event under the headline, “Pray for Beirut”, in the most prestigious hotels in Tokyo, the proceeds of which go to help Lebanon in wake of the Beirut Port blast last August.

The event was held under the patronage of the Lebanese Embassy in Japan, and in the presence of Ambassador Nidal Yehia, Commercial Attache at the Embassy Bashir Bou Rashid, and Princess Takamado in a gesture of Japanese solidarity with Lebanon.

The ceremony included a theatrical performance and Arabic music, as Japanese Artist Midori Anoui sang songs in Arabic, accompanied by a Japanese band, with the participation as well of Japanese Artist Shonosuke Okura, the ambassador of Japanese heritage. The song “Beirut” by the Lebanese Diva, Fairuz, reaped a huge audience applaud during the event.

Then, a short play was shown by Umewaka, about a stone bridge, symbolizing the call to deepen the friendship bond between Lebanon and Japan, and to strengthen it through the traditional culture and arts of the two friendly peoples.

The proceeds of the event go to the Japanese Red Cross and from it to the Lebanese Red Cross and “UNESCO”. The organizers did not forget the Lebanese artists and their role in the country in terms of portraying a comprehensive civilized message, so they allocated $8,500 to the Syndicate of Actors in Lebanon to be given to its members, particularly those who were affected by the port explosion, and those suffering from illness and taking chronic medication. Through this message, the organizers aimed to reinforce the pulse of the Lebanese society, embodied by the Actors Syndicate in Lebanon, which is the oldest in the Arab world.

In appreciation of the solidarity of the Japanese people with Lebanon in their plight, Lebanese Actors Syndicate Head, Artist Nehme Badawi, addressed a letter of gratitude to all those who contributed to the success of this valuable and profound initiative.


Source: National News Agency Lebanon