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Bahrain deplores Houthi terrorist militia’s continued attempted attacks on Saudi civilian facilities

The Kingdom of Bahrain has strongly condemned the Houthi terrorist militia’s continued attacks on civilian facilities in the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In a statement, the Foreign Affairs Ministry deplored the launch of an armed drone today towards the city of Khamis Mushait, in a blatant attack on the kingdom’s sovereignty, security and stability, posing a serious threat to the security and safety of civilians.

It praised the efficiency and vigilance of the coalition forces which were able to intercept and destroy the drone, affirming the Kingdom of Bahrain’s solidarity with sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against any actions that target its security and stability.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed the need for the international community to take deterrent measures against the Houthi terrorist militia’s practices which threaten security and stability in the region.

Source: Bahrain News Agency