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Constituent Assembly For Drafting The Constitution Affirms The Right Of The Libyan People To Make Their Final Say On The Libyan Draft Constitution Through A Free And Fair Public Referendum. ,

Tripoli, 23 May, 2021 (Lana) – The constituent body for drafting the constitution called on all relevant institutions and agencies to complete the stages of the constitutional process by committing to respect the outputs of the constituent body elected by the people and not to prejudice or violate them, in any way.

The commission affirmed in a statement that it is working to enable the Libyan people to say their final word on the Libyan draft constitution through a free, fair, transparent and just public referendum.

The commission announced that it will take all necessary measures at the national and international levels, with the aim of preserving the constitutional entitlement in accordance with the provisions of the Libyan Constitutional Declaration and ensuring the right of the Libyan people to self-determination, in accordance with all relevant international charters and decisions.

And it rejects what the legal committee has concluded, with regard to the constitutional process, to form a committee that will look into what it called (objections) to the draft constitution in coordination with the constituent body.


Source: Libyan News Agency