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NNA – Grand Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abdullatif Derian, affirmed that “those working in public political affairs have seriously failed citizens when they indulged in corruption and prevented the formation of a government capable of stopping the collapse, carrying out reconstruction works and turning to the international community for help.”

These politicians are responsible and condemned, as corruption has become a terrible epidemic more than the Corona epidemic itself,” he said.”

Mufti Derian, whose words came while presiding over the Eid al-Fitr sermon at Mohamad Al-Amine Mosque in downtown Beirut, considered that “bad actions will not be forgotten by the Lebanese people, who have exposed the politicians who have been busy for years to-date in taking care of their interests at the expense of people’s interests and Lebanon’s reputation.”

“Today we see a threat to the citizen that what is left of the electricity supply will be cut off, and we wonder whether silence will prevail until Lebanon turns into total darkness and eliminates the livelihood of the decent citizen who is unemployed and hungry as a  result of the errors and sins of the ruling class…” the Mufti added regretfully.

Derian pointed out that “the public also wonders where the investigations into the Beirut port blast have reached and the rights of those whose homes were destroyed.”

Commenting on the government formation process, the Mufti deemed that “internal and external initiatives to form a government of non-partisan specialists have yet to bear fruit, and the reason has become known, which is selfishness.”

“The obstacles that were placed in the face of Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri still exist and seem to be continuing in a systematic manner, so what stops the country’s collapse is the birth of a government that addresses the corruption and implements needed reforms,” he went on.

Derian expressed his fear of social violence that would lead to a revolution, at which time remorse will not help.

Finally, the Mufti commented on the events of Jerusalem, saying: “…What is happening today in Al-Aqsa Mosque by the Israeli enemy is a violation of human rights, an organized terrorist act and an attack on Jerusalemites and Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims and Christians around the world.”


Source: National News Agency-Lebanon