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Detainee Wafaa Jarrar undergoes surgery to amputate a large part of her legs

Jenin – Ma’an – The Prisoners’ and Ex-Prisoners’ Affairs Authority and the Prisoners’ Club reported on Monday that detainee Wafa Zuhdi Jarrar (49 years old) has been undergoing surgery for hours to amputate large parts of her legs, as a result of the injury she sustained after her arrest by the occupation forces on May 21.

The Authority and the Prisoner’s Club added, in a joint statement, that while detainee Jarrar is facing a serious health condition, as since she was transferred to the hospital, she has been hypnotized and under the influence of anesthesia and artificial respirators, which raises doubts about her health condition. The occupation has doubled its crime and issued an administrative detention order. against her for a period of four months, as part of the ongoing escalation of the crime of administrative detention that has affected thousands of our people.

They pointed out that the occupation has been delaying until today in providing the lawyer of detainee Jarrar and her family with a detaile
d and clear medical report on her condition from the moment she entered the hospital until then, and that there are ongoing legal attempts to obtain these reports, knowing that since the moment she was transferred to the hospital she has been hypnotized under the influence of devices. Artificial respiration, this is an indication that the level of danger you face may be greater than what the doctors verbally announced to the lawyer.

The Commission and the Club confirmed that the delay in providing Jarrar’s lawyer with a medical report doubled the doubts about the occupation’s account of the causes of her injury. In this context, the Commission and the Club stressed that the basis of evidence in this case is the story of the detainee Jarrar.

They explained that the detainee Jarrar had previously undergone surgery on the twenty-second of this month for one of her legs, as the doctors described her condition at the time as mild and stable. Later, the doctors explained to the lawyer that she was suffering from
several other injuries to her body, including a fracture in one of the vertebrae.

The occupation forces had arrested Jarrar on May 21, after storming her house in Jenin, during the recent military operation launched by the occupation against the city and its camp, where she was later declared injured. Her arrest was accompanied by the occupation forces stealing gold jewelry from the house, money, as well as Intimidation, threats, and massive vandalism that affected all the belongings in the house.

The Authority and the club once again held the occupation fully responsible for the fate of detainee Jarrar, and the responsibility for completing all necessary treatment procedures for her.

It is noteworthy that Jarrar is the wife of prisoner Abdul Jabbar Jarrar (58 years old) from Jenin, who has been in administrative detention since February 2024. This is the first arrest she has been subjected to, noting that she is the mother of four children.

It is noteworthy that with Jarrar’s transfer to administrative d
etention, the number of women administratively detained in the occupation prisons rises to 26, and they are among at least 80 female detainees in the occupation prisons and camps.

The Commission and the club reaffirmed that the arrest of Jarrar comes within the framework of the occupation’s ongoing and escalating crimes in an unprecedented manner in terms of their intensity since the ongoing war of extermination against our people in Gaza and the comprehensive aggression against our people, including systematic arrest campaigns that targeted all groups, including children and women, and were accompanied by operations. Abuse and torture of unprecedented intensity.

The Commission and the Prisoner’s Club renewed their demand for all international human rights institutions to assume their necessary responsibilities, to restore their role in light of the war of genocide that has been ongoing for about eight months in Gaza, and to break the terrifying state of helplessness towards the crimes of the occupation wit
h their unprecedented intensity since the beginning of the war of genocide, including the systematic crimes carried out against male and female detainees. The most prominent of which are crimes of torture and starvation.

It is noteworthy that the number of detainees in the occupation prisons until the beginning of May 2024 reached more than 9,300, including more than 3,400 administrative detainees.

Source: Maan News Agency