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The Free Patriotic Movement’s political body called today in a statement following its periodic online meeting headed by its Chief, MP Gebran Bassil, on the Lebanese to “unify their position on the issue of the displaced Syrians and begin dialogue and cooperation with Syria to secure their safe and dignified return, especially with Syria’s entering a new phase in its history with the presidential elections that established President al-Assad at the head of the state by the will of his people, which will serve to further stabilize the situation.”


“Lebanon should benefit from the climate of tranquility in the region, which would inevitably reflect positively by lifting the financial blockade on Lebanon and forming a regional and international will to prevent its collapse, if we, as Lebanese, are able to launch an integrated reform program for the advancement of our country and our economy,” the statement added.


The FPM political council continued to indicate that the Lebanese are still awaiting the Prime Minister-designate to form a government that respects constitutional standards and principles, and is capable, with its ministers and program, to implement the necessary reforms. Meanwhile, the council held the caretaker government “responsible for not carrying out its duties in wake of the financial and daily-living crisis, or for preventing a vacuum in institutions, including the Supreme Judicial Council, which would cause further disintegration in the state’s structure and directly harm the interests of the Lebanese.”


The council also disclosed that it will soon present its project for rationalizing subsidy and securing a financing card for citizens by proposing the necessary law to the Parliament Council.


On another note, the council hailed “the Palestinian steadfastness in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem,” noting that it has “restored honor to the Palestinian cause, and ended the era of Israeli aggression with impunity, and established a new phase at the regional level, with the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and the Palestinians’ right to freedom, security and stability as its headline.”


Source: National News Agency Lebanon