Head of the Lebanese Forces Party, Samir Geagea, defended Saturday in an interview with Al-Sharq-al-Awasat newspaper, LF’s behavior towards the Syrians that were heading to cast their votes to elect their President two days ago.


“The campaign that was launched against the LF in the wake of the confrontations with the supporters of President al-Assad was unfair,” Geagea said during the interview, indicating that the position of the Lebanese Forces is based on providing humanitarian aid to the Syrian refugees.


He also rejected to describe the LF partisans as “bandits”, saying: ” We are not bandits, but rather peace seekers.”


Geagea called on those who voted for President Bashar Assad to return to their homeland.


Speaking about the current political situation, Geagea considered that the current authority has lost almost all recognition domestically, regionally and internationally.


In this context, Geagea called for early parliamentary elections, in order to reconstitue the state and find radical solutions for national crises, ruling out any any postponement of the parliamentary elections scheduled to take place next year.


Commenting on what is said that he is working to increase the number of his deputies to reach the presidency, Geagea replied: “We want to attract all positions within the authority so that we can implement our political project, and this is normal, and this is the reason for the existence of any political party.


Finally, Geagea refused to evaluate President Michel Aoun’s term, which is nearing the end, leaving the answer to the people.


Source: National News Agency Lebanon



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