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Italian Nova Agency: Dbaiba Confirms That Libya Seeks To Revive Its Economy And We See Italy As The Best Partner.

Rome, The head of the national unity government, Abdul Hamid Dbaiba, affirmed that Libya seeks to revive its economy and we see Italy as the best partner, according to the Italian news agency Nova.

The agency quoted “Dbaiba” as saying in a speech during – the economic forum hosted by Italy at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – that there is a desire to rebuild the country and open the way again for Italian companies that were present in the past by removing obstacles that prevent companies from operating in the country, chief among them. absence of security.

“Our ministers discussed with their Italian counterparts, and we hope to reach positive points on trade exchanges and the reopening of airspace between our two countries,” Dbaiba added.

He explained, according to (Nova), that “this challenge is difficult, and that we have entered this field, but we want to rebuild our country better than before and we need partners for reconstruction, and that his visit to Rome aims to search for partners in Italy.”

Source: Libyan News Agency