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Jordan, South Africa Discuss Trade, Investment Cooperation in Aqaba Meeting

Aqaba: Nael Kabariti, President of the Aqaba Chamber of Commerce, along with the South African Ambassador to Jordan, Tselane Mokuena, engaged in discussions Wednesday on enhancing cooperation in trade and investment and facilitating exchanges between businessmen and investors from both nations.

Kabariti highlighted the strong bilateral ties between Jordan and South Africa across various sectors. He provided an overview of investment incentives and underscored Aqaba’s strategic commercial and geographical positioning regionally.

He also underlined Jordan’s connectivity through free trade agreements worldwide, positioning Aqaba as a significant regional hub for investment and logistics.

The discussions included plans to host South African businessmen, investors, and trade enthusiasts to familiarize them with investment opportunities and incentives. Efforts will be directed towards facilitating economic support for South African traders and companies interested in investing in Aqaba.

Mokuena commended Aqaba’
s investment and tourism environment, lauding it as the safest and most stable in the region. She highlighted Aqaba’s attractiveness for tourism and investment in the Middle East.

The ambassador also highlighted investment prospects in South Africa, particularly in advanced and smart industries, renewable energy, automotive, artificial intelligence, robotics, agricultural machinery, and modern irrigation systems.

Source: Jordan News Agency