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Kharabsheh casts light on Jordan’s renewable energy shift

Amman: Minister of Energy, Dr. Saleh Kharabsheh, stressed the importance of renewable energy locally, adding that Jordan is “one of the developed countries in its production.”

The minister made the remarks during Lower House Environment and Climate Committee’s meeting held Wednesday to review the ministry’s role in using renewable energy to achieve sustainable development and preserve environment.

Additionally, Kharabsheh said Jordan’s energy bill constitutes a “large” burden, stressing importance of shifting towards smart networks and meters, implementing projects to store electrical energy, and studying and implementing time-related electrical tariffs.

On fututre steps, Kharabsheh noted focus will be on energy storage projects, plans to increase contribution of renewable energy to electricity production, and study introduction of hydrogen.

Meanwhile, the committee’s chairman, MP Ali Ghezawi, stressed need to focus on efficiency of renewable energy, indicating that the ministry is a “major” partner in en
ergy production and action to preserve environment, use clean energy, and cut environmental pollution.

The lawmaker pointed out the need to better absorb and dispose of surplus energy, especially produced from renewable energy projects.

Source: Jordan News Agency