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NNA –¬†Kuwait summoned Monday the ambassador of the Czech Republic in the Gulf country after a social media post in support of Israel stirred nationwide online criticism.

Martin Dvorak uploaded on his personal Instagram account an image of himself, with an Israeli flag, along with a statement that said: “I stand with Israel.”

On Monday, he deleted the post and issued a letter of apology that said he was “extremely remorseful”.

The foreign ministry of Kuwait — which has no official ties with Israel — said it summoned the ambassador earlier that day to express their “absolute rejection of his actions that go against the nature of his diplomatic position”.

It said in a statement that the ministry “categorically rejects and strongly disapproves” of Dvorak rhetoric on his personal Instagram account.

Dvorak said in the letter uploaded on the embassy’s Twitter account that “it was extremely insensitive of me towards the feelings of many of my close Kuwaiti and Muslim friends, and I want to apologise to them, as well as to all Kuwaitis and Palestinians, and to anyone else who feels aggrieved by this”.

Thousands of Kuwaiti residents took to social media to express their discontent, with some calling for Dvorak’s departure, along with the hashtag #FreePalestine.-



Source: National News Agency-Lebanon