Lana Local News Editor: We Will Not Leave Tunisia Alone, We Will Assist Her Get Out Of Its Crisis And Revitalize Its Economy.

Tripoli, 23 May 2021(Lana) Links of blood and kinship between Libyans and Tunisians are deeply rooted, and rarely found among any other two peoples, yet they go far beyond the norms of political and economic exchange, this is what was asserted by the Head of the Government of National Unity Abdul Hamid Al Dbeiba at the joint press conference with the visiting Tunisian Prime Minster Hisham Al Msheshi.

Lana local news editor commenting on the visit said the timing of the Prime Minister’s visit is particularly important, given the hard conditions of the Tunisian economy, whereby the Head of the Government of National unity gave a strong assertion that Libya would not let down its neighbor, but rather it will assist not only to ease the economic hardship but to help revitalize the Tunisian economy.

In exchange of this, the Tunisian side vowed that they would do what they could to assist Libya restore peace and stability and proceed towards establishment of democracy and preserve its sovereignty and integrity.

The editor said the key Tunisian delegation accompanying Al Msheshi during the visit which resulted in several agreements, signals a commitment by both countries to foster a close relationship of cooperation, solidarity and integration for the mutual benefit of the peoples in the two countries.

The relationship between the two people is eternal and had no links to the official regimes across the generations, the editor said.

He concluded by saying this relationship offers an example to follow in the Arab, regional and international relationships.


Source: Libyan News Agency

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