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Lavarov: Russia Wiil Not Allow Repetition Of Nato Tragedies In Iraq And Libya, Will Discuss Everything With US.

Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavarov has said that his country would not allow a repetition of the tragedies perpetrated by Nato against human lives in several countries including Iraq and Libya.

Lavarov who was speaking at a press conference with his Portuguese Counterpart, said right to live must remain protected, stressing Moscow’s rejection of the vulgar and unlawful methods deployed by Nato in its interventions, but nevertheless he said Moscow was prepared to resume dialogue with Nato on clear-cut basis based on security issues not trivial talk.

Russia is prepared to to discuss human rights with the American side, ther are no taboos, Lavarov said in reply to a request for comment on a Demand by President Biden that he wanted to discuss human rights in Russia in the upcoming bilateral summit.

If I correctly remember, President Biden said he wanted to raise the issue of human rights with our President, because as he said the American regime could not oversee such issues, Lavarov said, adding ‘well we prepared to talk. We have no taboos we will discuss what we see necessary and we will be ready to answer question put forward by the American side and this applies to human rights.

Tension has marked relations between Russia and the US recently over Nato’s increased presence close to Russian borders and the Russian military reinforcements on the border with Ukraine.

Source: Libyan News Agency