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Malta Foreign Minister: We Stand With The National Unity Government In Facing Challenges And Helping The Libyan People To Build A Better Future.

Tripoli, May 28, 2021 (LANA) – The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Malta, Evarist Bartolo renewed his happiness to visit Libya today.

“We came today in order to support the national unity government in facing the great challenges and for the sake of the Libyan people who suffered so much.,” Bartolo said in a joint press conference with the Foreign Minister, “Najla Al-Manqoush,” and her Italian counterpart, Luigi Di Maio, and the European Union Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy, Oliver Farrelly.

He explained that the phenomenon of illegal immigration is one of the challenges facing the region, and we stand by the national unity government with the international community in this sensitive region, and Libyans can have a better life.

“We did not come to Libya to compete to sign contracts, but rather we came to work with each other to help Libya and the Libyan people to build a better future, and we are committed to that,” the Maltese Foreign Minister said.

Bartolo pointed out that despite some differences of opinion with our neighbors in this region, we agreed to support Libya so that it would be in a better position and be free, united and led by the Libyans.

The Maltese Foreign Minister stressed that this is the first step that we are all working to build and achieve the desired goals.


Source: Libyan News Agency