New York Times: Promotion Of Norland As Special Envoy For Libya An Important Sign Administration Is Serious About Supporting The Political Process.

Washington, 19 May 2021(Lana) The New York Times has shed light on the Libyan file following appointment of its Ambassador Richard Norland as Biden’s Special Envoy to Libya.

‘The promotion of Richard Norland to be the Biden administration’s special envoy for Libya may seem relatively insignificant when Israel is exploding and the Palestinians are dying and the administration is focusing most of its Middle East bandwidth on Iran and Yemen, the paper said in its opinion article.

‘The benefits of restoring stability to Libya, however, are equally alluring. There’s that oil, potentially up to 1.6 million barrels a day, which could facilitate a rapid recovery of the economy and provide considerable employment not only for Libyans but also for their poorer neighbors, particularly Egypt. Restoring order would also mean controls on the migrants who have been flowing through Libya to risk a perilous sea journey to Europe. The paper said in its article dated May 16.

The paper described existence of mercenaries in Libya as alarming despite the fact that there was an agreement for them to leave.


Source: Libya News Agency

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