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NNA DIRECTOR, XINHUA BUREAU CHIEF IN BEIRUT DISCUSS MEANS TO ENHANCE COOPERATIONNational Dialogue’s board of trustees thanks President El-Sisi for urgent social protection package

National News Agency (NNA) Director, Ziad Harfouche, on Wednesday welcomed Mr. Xie Hao, the Bureau Chief of Xinhua News Agency in Beirut, and Mr. Warf Komeiha, President of the Lebanese-Chinese Dialogue Association, at his office in the Ministry.

The meeting centered on mutual professional interests and avenues to enhance news cooperation between the Lebanese and Chinese news agencies, enriching the media landscape and opening new cultural and informational horizons.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon

General Coordinator of Egypt’s National Dialogue Diaa Rashwan said the dialogue’s Board of Trustees is ‘Profoundly’ grateful to President Abdel Fattah El Sisi for his recent decisions to adopt an urgent package of social protection which the President described as stemming from the state’s duty to support the citizen in light of the current circumstances.

General Coordinator of Egypt’s National Dialogue Diaa Rashwan added in a statement on Wednesday 7/2/2024, that the Board of Trustees considered these decisions a prominent and crucial milestone preceding the upcoming National Dialogue sessions about the current economic issues which the President urgently called for to guide its participants towards proposing everything that supports Egyptians economically and socially to face the current circumstances, and at the same time helps build a strong, advanced, and independent Egyptian economy.

He pointed out that the Board of Trustees fully joins the demand of all Egyptians that these decisions be accompanied b
y quick, decisive and public legal actions and procedures from the government and all competent authorities to control the markets and prevent any manipulation or exploitation of them; So that this social measures does not lose the primary goal that President Sisi intended behind them, which is to support Egyptian citizens in light of the current circumstances.

Source: State Information Service Egypt