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Palestinian People Mark Nakba Day, Mourning Sirens Sound In Ramallah.

Tripoli, 15 May 2021(Lana) Palestinians wherever they are commemorate the plight of usurpation of Palestine, or what has become known as Nakba Day, which denotes the establishment of the Zionist state in Palestine in 1948.

Sirens sound in the Palestinian town of Ramallah in the occupied territories, as black balloons released in the air and V signs in expression of victory over the Israeli aggression.

On this day in 1948,  400000 Palestinians were forcibly evicted from their homes and villages, to make way for the creation of the Zionist state. The only property they took with them were the keys of their homes in hope that one day they will return to them.

The Nakba Day is associated with despicable crimes committed by the Zionist occupation forces, widespread massacres, displacements, and forcible evictions which saw 50% of Arab population of Palestine expelled from their land.

Despite numerous international resolutions condemning the crimes perpetrated by the occupation, the Zionists continued to exercise mass killings and expulsion and aggressive policies against Palestinians.

The latest manifestation of the apartheid policies were the eviction orders issued by the Israeli authorities against Palestinian families in East Jerusalem ‘Al Quds’, on the plea that the homes in which they lived for hundreds of years were built on Jewish land.

The aggressive measures sparked an uprising which is still going on the east Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza.  Dozens of Palestinian were killed in Israeli bombardment of Gaza in retaliation for rockets fired by Palestinians resistance against Zionists in adjoining Jewish towns and elsewhere  in the occupied Palestine.


Source: Libya News Agency