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PM Commemorates King’s Silver Jubilee, Salutes Football Team’s Historic Achievement

Amman: Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh commenced Thursday’s Cabinet session by extending congratulations on the silver jubilee of His Majesty King Abdullah II’s ascension to constitutional powers, marking the Kingdom’s ongoing celebrations.

Khasawneh hailed the twenty-five years of King Abdullah II’s reign as a period marked by remarkable achievements, propelling Jordan to admiration and acclaim globally as a beacon of prudent resource management and principled policies in navigating various regional and international challenges. He offered prayers for the King’s continued health and leadership, supported by Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II.

Reflecting on this milestone, Khasawneh also paid tribute to the late King Hussein bin Talal, whose vision laid the foundation for many of the achievements witnessed during King Abdullah II’s reign.

“We take pride in our accomplishments and in the esteemed leadership that has steered us through regional challenges, reinforcing our determination to succeed,” stat
ed the Prime Minister.

Khasawneh further extended congratulations to the national football team for their historic achievement in reaching the final of the Asian Cup.

Under the directives of His Majesty to provide support to the Jordan Football Association following the team’s unprecedented success, Khasawneh announced a one million Jordanian dinars support package during the cabinet session.

“We commend our national football team for their historic feat in reaching the Asian Cup final match. This triumph is a historic achievement for Jordanian sports and Jordanian football, and we salute our players, technical staff, as well as the president of the Jordan Football Association, His Royal Highness Prince Ali bin Al Hussein,” he underlined.

Expressing solidarity with the team ahead of the final match against Qatar, Khasawneh underscored the importance of sustaining this achievement and its broader impact on Jordanian sports.

He said the Kingdom thrives on the unity between leadership and people, turning ch
allenges into opportunities despite the resource constraints.

Khasawneh highlighted Jordan’s accomplishments across economic, educational, infrastructural, and industrial sectors during the past twenty-five years under King Abdullah II’s leadership. He affirmed the government’s commitment to further enhancing citizens’ standard of living, strengthening the economy, and capitalizing on Jordan’s human and natural resources.

Emphasizing progress in the fields of information technology and green energy, Khasawneh outlined Jordan’s vision to become a hub for green hydrogen production and clean energy sources.

He pointed out that many of the goals in the first executive programs of the Economic Modernization Vision and the Public Sector Modernization Roadmap have been achieved, with the achievement rate exceeding 85 to 90 percent, despite regional cirucumstances and the ongoing Israeli aggresion on Gaza.

Khasawneh underlined the importance of maintaining consistency in both daily life and various sectors to uph
old the macroeconomic progress attained in 2023. “During this period, we surpassed all the goals outlined in the Economic Modernization Vision and the Public Sector Modernization Roadmap,” he noted

Regarding political modernization, Khasawneh said its moving ahead, underscoring the forthcoming parliamentary elections in 2024 as a crucial step toward fulfilling constitutional obligations.

Source: Jordan News Agency