The Presidency Press Office issued on Wednesday the following statement:

“In conjunction with ongoing contacts to form the new government, the Future movement continues its campaigns against the Presidency of the Republic in the person of, President General Michel Aoun. Campaigns by using phrases and descriptions that indicate the low level reached by the manners of those in charge of this movement. Perhaps the statement that was issued yesterday is the best evidence of the unprecedented descent into the political life to which these people descended to.

Over the past weeks, the Presidency of the Republic has opted not to engage in any controversy with the aforementioned movement, despite the delusions it was promoting and the rude expressions it used, in order to make room for the existing initiatives to address the government situation, especially after the position recently taken by the Parliament in response to the letter of the President, and the subsequent action taken by the Speaker of the Council, Mr. Nabih Berri, in cooperation with Hezbollah. However, what was included in yesterday’s statement requires stopping at several points:

? First: The continued evasion of Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri from assuming his responsibilities in forming a balanced and chartered government that takes into account competence, efficiency and achieves participation, constitutes a further violation of the Constitution and the National Accord Document, and reflects a clear and deliberate desire to disrupt the government formation process, according to what the President’s letter to the Parliament indicated.

Second: The claim that the President of the Republic is always trying, through his positions, to undermine the Taif Agreement and its constitutional effects, is a lie, slander and deception on public opinion, because the President of the Republic relied, in all his positions and choices, on the Constitution and applied it in content, and on the National Accord Document with all its inclusions. Whoever strikes the Taif Accord is the one who works to strike the constitution and manipulate clear texts in it.

? Third: The PM-designate insists on trying to seize the authorities of the President of the Republic and his natural right to respect the constitution by resorting to practices that strike customs and principles, and inventing new rules in the formation of the government, explicitly violating the national balance upon which Lebanon was founded. And what is worse than all of this is that he imposes on the President of the Republic the consequences of what he is doing from violations and abuses that are incompatible with the due diligence in the framework of cooperation between the pillars of the state for the higher interest of Lebanon, and the parliamentary and popular confidence which must be provided to any government within the framework of the formation.

Fourth: The PM-designate and his movement deliberately blame the presidential term of President Michel Aoun for the economic, financial and social conditions that have devolved, at a time when everyone knows that the difficult financial conditions and debts inherited by this term are the “fruit” of practices of the PM-designate’s team and its mismanagement of state affairs since the post-Taif era until today. Therefore the “swamp” in which the Future Movement’s statement claims that the country is mired in, is the product of a regime headed by the “Future” movement that controlled the country’s capabilities.

Fifth: The Future Movement, by firing in advance at the proposal to call for a national dialogue conference in Baabda Palace to address the situation in the country and try to find a solution to the current governmental crisis, wants to block any rescue attempt to form the government and carry out the necessary reforms which would secure the country’s stability and prosperity.

Sixth: The Presidency of the Republic, which will not stoop to the low level in the vulgar language used or in the lies, deception and insolence adopted, will suffice with this amount of clarification, and will not say more in order to make room, once again, for the ongoing efforts to find positive solutions to the government crisis that it has created, hoping that these efforts will reach happy conclusions by forming a government as soon as possible to embark on the required reforms, as the suffering the Lebanese have endured as a result of the exercising system of the Future Movement is enough.

In conclusion, it must be emphasized that the Presidency of the Republic is today at a crossroads in confronting those who break the constitution or remain silent about everything that is happening, knowing that Lebanon’s supreme interest transcends over all other considerations, and with it the interest of the people who are the source of all authorities.

Source: National News Agency