President al-Assad receives a cable of congratulation from President of Russian Crimea Republic on winning presidential election

Damascus, President Bashar al-Assad received a cable of congratulation from President of Russian Republic of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, on the occasion of winning the presidential election.

“The Syrian citizens have once again set their hopes on you to overcome the repercussions of the war and bring peace to the country, they trust you as a fortress that protects their rights and the freedoms of all representatives of society”, President Aksyonov said in the cable.

He added that your re-election gives confidence to successfully continue the implementation of the provisions of agreements signed between the two countries in the field of economic and trade cooperation to increase trade exchange.

President Aksyonov wished President al-Assad to gain more achievements in the interest of the friendly Syrian people.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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