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Prince Mired Visits Disabled Soldiers in Amman, zarqa

Amman: His Royal Highness Prince Mired bin Raad, President of the Hashemite Commission for Disabled Soldiers (HCDS), visited on Wednesday disabled soldiers in the Amman and Zarqa governorates, as part of an annual Ramadan campaign organized by the commission in collaboration with several supporting organizations.

During these visits, Prince Mired personally inspected the well-being and living conditions of the injured soldiers, while attentively listening to their suggestions and needs regarding the services provided by the commission to them and their families. He commended their remarkable sacrifices in safeguarding the nation’s security and stability.

The commission routinely conducts such visits across various governorates to maintain continuous communication with injured military personnel, ensuring their needs are understood, their conditions monitored, and efforts are made to enhance their quality of life.

The injured soldiers expressed deep gratitude for this compassionate initiative, acknowledging
its positive impact on their morale and that of their families during the holy month.

They offered prayers for the well-being of His Majesty King Abdullah II and His Royal Highness Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, the Crown Prince, and for the enduring security and stability of Jordan.

Source: Jordan News Agency