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PSD Issues Weather Alerts for Upcoming Severe Conditions

AMMAN – The Public Security Department (PSD) has once again alerted the public about the severe weather expected in the upcoming hours. The forecast includes heavy rainfall, reduced visibility, and potential hazards on wet roads across the Kingdom.

According to Jordan News Agency, there is a heightened risk of rising water levels, particularly in valley areas and regions prone to forming torrents and water bodies. Citizens are advised to avoid these areas and to exercise caution when crossing them, either by vehicle or on foot. The department has emphasized the importance of driving carefully, especially on routes extending beyond city limits. The PSD also highlighted the necessity of securing objects vulnerable to strong winds, conducting routine checks and maintenance of heating devices, and ensuring adequate ventilation in homes. In anticipation of the temperature drop in certain areas, these precautions are considered vital for public safety. The PSD has urged citizens to stay updated through its bulletins, adhere to guidance from relevant authorities, and contact the unified emergency number, 911, in case of emergencies.