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Syrian-Iranian talks to enhance trade, industrial relations

Tehran, SANA- Secretary of the Committee for the Development of Iranian-Syrian Trade Relations, Hassan Danaeifar has discussed with the Syrian economic delegation visiting Tehran, prospects for developing trade and industrial relations between the two countries.

Danaeifar’s remarks came during a meeting with the Syrian economic delegation in Tehran, which embraces Assistant Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Eng. Jamal Eddin Shu’aib and Assistant Minister of Industry Dr. Jamal al-Omar and Director of the Syrian Trading Institution, Ahmed Najim and Director of Textile Industries Institution, Eng. Harith Makhlouf.

Danaeifar stressed his country’s willingness to find the necessary infrastructure to strengthen and develop the bilateral trade and industrial relations in various fields, underlying the need to set a timetable for the implementation of what is agreed upon benefiting from the available capabilities in both countries.

The Iranian official affirmed importance of the visit paid by the Syrian delegation to Iran which has been briefed on all the opportunities and fields that serve various sectors in Syria, including the trade and industrial sectors and the commodities, raw materials, production lines and technology that Syria needs.

Danaeifar added that there are important matters such as exchanging goods between the two countries, underlining the importance of establishing a joint trade company between the two sides and holding trade fairs in Syria and Iran to showcase the products of the two countries.

The Iranian official revealed that there are various contracts signed between the two sides, expressing his country’s support for every step that enhances joint trade and industrial cooperation.

For his part, the Syrian Ambassador in Tehran, Dr. Shafiq Dayoub, who participated in the meetings, said that the visit of the Syrian delegation will establish a new phase for future cooperation between the two countries and provide an opportunity for more cooperation prospects that serve the interests of the two countries and the two brotherly peoples, reaffirming that all possible support will be provided to the process of cooperation between the two sides.

Ambassador Dayoub stressed the importance of working to establish partnerships between the two sides in the trade and industrial fields and production lines to reach real and tangible results in various sectors of joint cooperation, particularly through implementing what has been agreed upon and what will be agreed upon later.

For his part, the Assistant Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection said in a statement to SANA correspondent in Tehran that several understandings were reached, the most prominent of which is a study on exchanging goods and the possibility of establishing a joint Syrian-Iranian trade company as well as the establishment of a store especially for ITCA Corporation at the Syrian Trading Establishment in Damascus, in addition to the establishment of a Syrian trade store at ITCA centers in Tehran.

For his part, Assistant Minister of Industry said that there is a need to learn about technology and expertise in the field of industry to revive the factories and production lines destroyed by the terrorist war waged on Syria.

He added that there are also areas for cooperation to increase the production capacity of mineral water production lines and revive the battery manufacturing plant in Aleppo and the dairy and cheese factories, noting that the Iranian companies can benefit from the facilitations provided by the new investment law in Syria.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)