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The Commission Council meets with members of the (6+6) committee to discuss developments in the election of the National Assembly and the President of the State.

The Chairman and members of the Council of the High National Elections Commission discussed today, Thursday, with a number of members of the (6+6) committee charged with preparing draft referendum and election laws, ways to implement Laws No. (27) and (28) of 2023 regarding the election of the National Assembly and the election of the Head of State.

According to the official page of the Election Commission, the meeting held at the Commission’s headquarters in Tripoli reviewed the level of readiness of the Commission and the efforts made to implement the process of electing municipal councils in accordance with Law No. (20) of 2023, issued by the House of Representatives, which transfers the powers of electing provincial and municipal councils to the Commission.

The meeting also discussed the latest developments related to the implementation of the outputs of the (6+6) Committee and exchanged views regarding putting its outputs into practice. This meeting resulted in an agreement on the necessity of continuo
us communication between the two parties to find effective solutions and practical proposals that lead to the implementation of the committee’s outputs in a way that increases the degree of their acceptance by all parties of the committee.

Source: Libyan News Agency