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The Mayor of Zliten Municipality announces the start of construction of a surface dewatering network to reduce the rise in water levels

Tripoli: The Mayor of Zliten Municipality, Muftah Hammadi, announced today, Wednesday, during a press conference, the start of construction of a surface drainage network with an area of 5,000 metres.

Hammadi stressed that this step will help reduce the rise in water levels, adding that the health and epidemiological situation in the city is under control.

Hammadi pointed out that the municipality has housed 25 displaced families and studied the file of 20 families, and it is expected that 80 families will be evacuated during the coming period.

Hammadi explained that the municipality was assigned to deal with the compensation file, and there is a possibility of renting apartments or disbursing rental allowance grants, adding that the municipality received a water desalination plant with a capacity of 72 thousand liters from the National Center for Disease Control

Source: Libyan News Agency