UN Envoy: UN And International Community Will Continue To Provide Support For Libyan People To Conduct Elections.

Tripoli, 27 May 2021(Lana) UN Special Envoy to Libya Jan Kupis has expressed his dissatisfaction over progress of the meetings of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum which he said gave an indication that the participants were sitting in House of Representatives not the Political Dialogue Forum.

‘With all due respect for all members, my remarks should by no means understood that they meant to belittle anyone, but I had the feeling that it was like we are not in the Political Dialogue Forum, but in one of the meetings of the High Council of State or the House of Representatives, Kupis said, noting that emphasis was sometimes put on, not on how can we get to the target, which is implementation of the roadmap adopted by the Forum, creating of the proper atmosphere for the Dec.24 elections, but some interventions looked as if they were trying to bring solutions to the outstanding problems of the last decade.

Kupis said some proposals suggested the need for ending the transition period for the sake of holding elections on the set time Dec.24 to allow the Libyan people to make their decisions, which indicted that you have more things that unite you than those dividing you.

The UN Envoy told the participants that they have to put in place a clear defined plan that includes confidence-building measures and measures for security and national reconciliation. Participation of women, youth and cultural components is key if not necessary and vital to any success on the long run for national reconciliation, he said.


Source: Libya News Agency

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