NNA – UNIFIL today handed over one of its positions to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), its strategic partner, at a ceremony in south-western Lebanon.

UNIFIL Head of Mission and Force Commander Major General Stefano Del Col handed over UN position “2-45A” to Brigadier General Maroun Kobayati, who represented the Lebanese Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun.

Established on 1 July 2012 and situated south of the village of At Tiri, the UNIFIL outpost has played an important role in maintaining stability in the area in accordance with UN Security Council resolution 1701.

“This handover represents another instance of the deep sense of trust, cooperation and connection UNIFIL and the LAF share,” said the UNIFIL Force Commander, Maj. Gen. Del Col. “Close neighbouring of UNIFIL and LAF positions will further allow cooperation and coordination.”

Today’s handover is part of the continued UNIFIL support for LAF deployment throughout the south, which is crucial for the extension of the Government’s authority in the area.

“Close cooperation between UNIFIL and the LAF contributes to the essential climate of peace and stability that are fundamental to the success of UNIFIL’s mandate, as well as for the safety and security of both the Lebanese people and our peacekeepers,” the UNIFIL Force Commander added.

He affirmed: “I am certain that these assets will be put to good use and help further strengthen the capabilities of our hosts in the service of peace and stability in south Lebanon.”


Source: National News Agency-Lebanon

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