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Vital medical assistance continues to flow to European Gaza Hospital in Khan Younis as part of Operation Chivalrous Knight 3

GAZA: In a continuation of the UAE’s commitment to supporting Palestinian families, essential medical supplies have been delivered recently to the European Gaza Hospital in Khan Younis, Southern Gaza Strip, as part of the ‘Operation Chivalrous Knight 3’.

This vital medical aid is a lifeline for the Palestinian families struggling with critical healthcare needs amidst months of hardship.

‘Operation Chivalrous Knight 3’ aims to alleviate the suffering of displaced persons and provide them with basic needs and requirements through its relief campaigns and daily assistance to displaced persons in shelters, hospitals and health centres. This comes after the deterioration of the situation in Gaza, where the United Arab Emirates has rushed from the first moment to provide assistance and support to all segments of society in the Gaza Strip.

It is worth noting that Operation Chivalrous Knight 3 provides humanitarian assistance to displaced persons in the Gaza Strip through food parcels, child and women’s parcels, p
illows, tents, vegetables and water, in a humanitarian step aimed at alleviating the suffering of displaced persons in light of the difficult circumstances.

Source: Emirates News Agency