NNA – Head of the “Arab Unitarian Party”, Wiam Wahab, received at his Jahiliyyah residence today Russian Federation Ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Rudakov, accompanied by the Political Advisor at the Embassy, Dmitry Lebedev.


The visit was an occasion to touch on the prevailing conditions on the local and regional scenes.


Referring to the stalled government formation process in Lebanon, Wahhab considered that “the whole world is enthusiastic and supportive of forming the government except the Lebanese themselves, as it seems that the whole world wants a government except for Lebanon, and no one knows why, and no one is able to understand the justifications for not forming the cabinet.”


He, thus, called on Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri to “return and present his line-up and continue to discuss it with His Excellency the President of the Republic until an agreement is reached.”


With regards to the Arab and regional situation, specifically the situation in Syria, Wahhab stressed “the importance of the Russian intervention in Syria, which has contributed to stopping the spread of terrorism and its defeat in Syria, and to setting the latter on the path of peace and the return of security and stability to it.”


Wahhab also emphasized the need for Russia’s contribution to formulating an Arab understanding on many issues in the region, whereby such an understanding would greatly ease up conditions in Lebanon. “This Arab understanding that may arise may lead to the formation of an Arab security project and Arab political stability,” he maintained.


After talks, Wahhab held a luncheon in honor of his Russian guests.


Source: National News Agency – Lebanon

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