NNA – The Lebanese Kataeb Party warned against “handing over the decision of war and peace to the owners of illegitimate weapons”, pointing to the risk of any slip that could drag the country in an unwanted direction against the will of its people.

“In light of the military escalation occurring between the Palestinians and the Israelis, three missiles were fired from Lebanon yesterday night, placing the country in the eye of the storm and almost pushing it into dangerous and unfavorable consequences,” an issued statement by the Party said on Friday.

“The Kataeb Party considers that this step constitutes new evidence of the danger of loose weapons and their continued presence in the hands of the Palestinian factions inside the camps or outside in the hands of the militias, which are not subject to the authority of the Lebanese legitimate forces and allow themselves to use their military capabilities whenever they wish, without taking into account the repercussions on the country and its people,” the statement emphasized.

Accordingly, the Party cautioned those who consider themselves in a position of responsibility “against their excessive abandonment of their responsibilities”, demanding that they “realize the seriousness of the situation and the sin of their relinquishing of sovereignty”, urging them to ward off any dangerous sliding step in this regard.

The Kataeb statement concluded by asking the legitimate Lebanese forces and the international forces “to work to prevent the recurrence of any such incident, out of concern for Lebanon and the Lebanese, especially the people of the South who have endured huge misfortunes as a result of uncalculated adventures, the likes of which they cannot bear today on top of all the tragedies they are suffering.”


Source: National News Agency

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