Workshop on “Improving Model Fit for Multi Factor Confirmatory Factor Analysis”

The Staff Development Committee of Business Studies Department organized a workshop on “Improving Model Fit for Multi Factor CFA”. This workshop was presented by Dr. S. Porkodi, Lecturers from Business Studies Department, UTAS. The main theme of this workshop is to improve the research by using latest software. The participants are the interested staff from Business Studies Department.

Dr Porkodi started the session with a brief introduction on Improving Model Fit for Multi Factor Confirmatory Factor Analysis. And the following points were focused during session:

  • Determining factors
  • Converting Exploratory factor analysis to Confirmatory factor analysis
  • Interpreting multi factor analysis
  • Points to be noted in the model fit
  • Checking modification indices for improving model fit
  • Removing variables which are correlated with other variables
  • Why the lowest unstandardized estimates to be removed in the model fit.
  • Assigning regression weight and running the model
  • Calculating convergent validity and discriminant validity

The session was interesting and valuable; the participants gave a great contribution and a positive feedback. All doubts were clarified by Dr S. Porkodi.

To conclude, Dr S. Porkodi conducted an effective workshop which will result on positive impact and will reflect on the faculties’ future research and plans.


Source: Higher College of Technology in Muscat

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