FreedomPay to Unleash the Power of Pay at NRF 2023

One of the world’s fastest growing fintech to showcase award-winning global commerce technology platform and industry-leading partner network.

NEW YORK, National Retail Federation, Jan. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FreedomPay, the global leader in Next Level Commerce™ and the commerce technology platform of choice for global retail, hospitality and payments brands including Marriott, Foot Locker, Shake Shack, Engage People, and Castles Technology, will showcase its innovations and partnership announcements this week at NRF in booth #4250.

The event will mark the launch of FreedomPay’s new call to action, Unleash the Power of Pay. As the commerce landscape evolves with new technologies and changing consumer needs, Unleash the Power of Pay introduces the notion of unleashing the power of payments to drive greater customer loyalty, leverage business intelligence insights, and bring value-added services.

“FreedomPay is excited to make a splash at this year’s NRF and to launch Unleash the Power of Pay. The concept is a testament to our award-winning technology and best-in-class partner network that is enabling billions of transactions in more than 75 countries across the globe,” said Tom Durovsik, Founder & CEO of FreedomPay.

As part of its line-up at NRF, FreedomPay will host a roundtable discussion on Monday, January 16 at 10:30AM at booth #4250 with industry influencers Castles Technology, Charter Communications, and Elo Touch, moderated by Dale Laszig of the Green Sheet. The event, Next Level Commerce™: Unleashing the Power of Pay, will focus on the challenges and opportunities across retail, the trends influencing retail’s future, and strategies for merchants to navigate the changing retail sector. Those who would like to attend virtually are encouraged to register here.

FreedomPay also announces the publication of a new industry white paper The Next Level of Global Payments: Unleash the Power of Pay. The report highlights pivotal opportunities for retailers to elevate customer relationships and increase profit margins internationally, outlining strategies for security, safety, speed, simplicity, and customer satisfaction with service across borders. Download now to read the bespoke report.

FreedomPay’s global footprint continues to grow through the power of its partner network and new integrations to allow merchants to Unleash the Power of Pay for their customers. FreedomPay also announced in the days leading up to NRF 2023 new partnerships that will bring its solutions to more merchants around the world.

Moneris Solutions Corporation (“Moneris”), the largest payment processor in Canada*, will now be able to offer its merchants access to FreedomPay’s commerce technology platform, bringing an enhanced checkout experience to millions of shoppers across Canada.

FreedomPay also announced an integration with Flooid, bringing enhanced innovation, choice, and flexibility to retailers around the globe on the Flooid platform.

To learn more about FreedomPay, visit us at NRF booth #4250 or

About FreedomPay

FreedomPay’s Next Level Commerce™ platform transforms existing payment systems and processes from legacy to leading edge. As the premier choice for many of the largest companies across the globe in retail, hospitality, lodging, gaming, sports and entertainment, foodservice, education, healthcare and financial services, FreedomPay’s technology has been purposely built to deliver rock solid performance in the highly complex environment of global commerce. The company maintains a world-class security environment and was first to earn the coveted validation by the PCI Security Standards Council against Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE/EMV) standard in North America. FreedomPay’s robust solutions across payments, security, identity, and data analytics are available in-store, online and on-mobile and are supported by rapid API adoption. The award winning FreedomPay Commerce Platform operates on a single, unified technology stack across multiple continents allowing enterprises to deliver an innovative Next Level experience on a global scale.

*Based on total number of transactions processed in Canada

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In a report published this evening on Corona cases, the Ministry of Public Health announced the registration of “203 new infections, which raised the cumulative number of confirmed cases to-date to 1,225,400, with one death recorded.”

The Health Ministry also published a report on cholera cases in Lebanon, indicating that no new infection was recorded, and accordingly the cumulative number of confirmed cases settled at 671, with no deaths recorded either, thus maintaining the cumulative number of deaths at 23.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon


On the sidelines of the Hajj and Umrah Services Conference and Exhibition (Hajj Expo 2023), the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah signed agreements with the delegations of more than 25 countries on the arrangements for the Hajj season 1444 AH.

The Ministry announced earlier that the number of pilgrims this year, 1444 AH, will return to what it was before the Corona pandemic without any age restrictions.

The agreements come within the developmental measures offered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to improve the experience of pilgrims during Hajj, Umrah and visitation.

They include the quotas allocated to each country and the organizational instructions that enhance the safety and comfort of the pilgrims from the moment of preparation for the journey of a lifetime until leaving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As the Kingdom prepares for the 1444 AH Hajj season, it is intensifying its efforts to provide distinguished services to pilgrims and work to enrich their experience at all levels of logistics, security, technology, as well as culture and knowledge, through the Program of pilgrims and the integrated efforts of all government sectors, the private sector, entrepreneurs and partners from around the world.

It is noteworthy that Hajj Expo 2023, which was held on 9-12 January 2023, is the largest gathering and event related to Hajj and Umrah, as it brought together more than 57 countries, more than 70 speakers and experts, with participation of 200 companies specialized in the Hajj and Umrah sector, and the attendance of more than 60,000 visitors to the exhibition.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon


Caretaker Minister of Culture, Judge Muhammad Wissam al-Murtada, said in a statement on Sunday, “The fear of God makes us carry the burden of working together…to cooperate to find ways out of our constitutional crises and to find solutions that secure people’s salvation from their suffering…People are aching with pain, their groaning reached the ears of the sky, and did not reach the ears of many on earth….”

He added: “They talk about rights, powers, and the rights of sects… Only awareness, mercy, love, and the fear of God among people can build a homeland for us; otherwise our fate will all be on the side of the road!”

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon


Today, Sunday, the Saudi sports community was shocked by the passing of former star of the Saudi national team and Al-Kawkab Football Club, Shaya Al-Nafisa, at the age of 61, after suffering from an incurable disease.

The “Roshan Saudi Football League” mourned the late, and wrote on its Twitter account: “The Saudi Professional League extends its deepest condolences and sincere sympathy to the family of the former international player, Shaya Al-Nafisa, who passed away today, asking God Almighty to have mercy on his soul and grant his family and relatives patience and solace.”

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon


The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Sunday, accused Israeli forces of “executing” a Palestinian at a checkpoint in the occupied West Bank, while the Israeli army said that “a suspect tried to seize one of the soldiers’ weapons,” according to “Agence France Presse.”

In a statement, the Ministry condemned “the heinous crime of execution committed by the occupation forces against the citizen Ahmed Hassan Abdel-Jalil Al-Kahla (45 years old).”

According to the Palestinian Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Health, Al-Kahla was killed near the village of Silwad, east of Ramallah.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon


Caretaker Minister of Labor, Mustafa Bayram, patronized a workshop describing the profession of education technology “in a promising national precedent,” as he indicated in his speech during the honoring and distributing ceremony of certificates of participation to the educational and technological experts who took part in the study of the descriptions.

The workshop included an assessment of matters related to Education technology under thirty classifications to be a reference for all professional unions, in particular for human resources managers, management of educational and technological institutions, educational publishing houses, educational curricula preparation centers, employment contracts, job titles, employment requests, identification of required competencies, and training titles for soft skills and digital skills.

In his speech, Bayram praised “the work of unions, especially what the Education Technology Syndicate offers in terms of developing the professional work of unions, and innovation in union and professional work in terms of opening new and necessary job opportunities in the reality of the knowledge economy.”

“It is an honor for me to be present among a group of distinguished educators…This meeting shows the true image of Lebanon, the Lebanon of the elites, not the Lebanon of looting in different regions and appeasement,” he said, stressing that “the meeting confirms that we can bring about change and advancement in work, and that this work is unprecedented and is a state of smart innovation to keep pace with the times, as today it gives us an economy of attention, opening up opportunities and motivating young people not to be drawn into despair.”

Bayram continued to indicate that “what the Syndicate is doing today is a kind of partial analysis that allows young people to know the emerging professions, the required skills, and the new specialties needed through which we will answer the questions of the rising youth…and this diversity in the workshop embodied in the diversity of experts present from various educational and technological institutions and from all sects and regions is nothing but an embodiment of openness, drawing the true image of Lebanon, and creating an area for dialogue and innovation.”

The Labor Minister disclosed that he insisted on being present at the workshop “to be a witness to an educational renaissance and change.”

Following his speech, Minister Bayram congratulated the participants and handed them their certificates of participation, alongside the heads of partaking institutions and their representatives from the Lebanese University, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the Educational Center for Research and Development, the Directorate of Higher Education and Vocational Education, official authorities, educational institutions, parliamentary committees, informatics experts, experts in educational technology institutions, research centers and vocational guidance studies.

Bayram praised the level of professionalism and intellect of the participants in a very important national precedent in the country, annnouncing his adoption of innovative initiatives in form and content in preserving the rights of workers, citizens and state institutions.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon


The Italian company, Eni, announced today the achievement of an important new gas discovery in the Nargis-1 well located in the offshore Nargis concession area in the eastern Mediterranean, off the coast of Egypt, according to Agence France-Presse.

The company added, “The Nargis 1 well encountered approximately 200 feet (61 m) of gas-bearing sandstones from the Miocene and Oligocene and was drilled into 1,014 feet (309 m) of water by the Stena Fürth drilling vessel,” noting that “the discovery can be developed.” benefiting from its proximity to Eni’s existing facilities.”

The company also stated, “Narges 1 confirms the validity of the company’s decision to focus in the sea in Egypt, which the company will develop thanks to its recent granting of exploration areas north of Rafah, north of Turquoise, northeast of Arish, Thebes, and Bellatrix City East, whereby the Egyptian offshore Narges concession covers 445,000 acres (1,800 square kilometres).”

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon


Head of the “National Dialogue” Party, MP Fouad Makhzoumi, and his wife, Mrs. May, hosted a dinner banquet in their home in honor of a large delegation from the “Global Political Exchange Foundation”, on the sidelines of the 21st Beirut Exchange Conference.

The dinner was attended by CNN journalist Brent Sadler, MP Makhzoumi’s team and a number of businessmen and media professionals, with various local, regional and international developments featuring high during sideline discussions.

In his welcoming speech, Makhzoumi said: “Today, the international community is required to put more pressure on electing a president for the republic, and implementing the reforms demanded by the International Monetary Fund,” stressing that “the situation in the country is constantly deteriorating, and it is necessary to put an end to procrastination and wasting of time.”

He continued, “The Lebanese are awaiting an end to these difficult situations, with the support of the international community, leading to the election of a president for the republic, and the formation of an effective government that possesses a comprehensive reform and rescue plan that gradually puts an end to their suffering and crises, and is capable of coordinating with the international community and restoring Lebanon’s presence on the map of successful countries.”

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon


Caretaker Minister of Agriculture, Abbas Hajj Hassan, highlighted the dire need for dialogue at this critical stage in the country, noting that the election of a president of the republic would be the national gateway for this dialogue.

His words came in his delivered address during a book signing ceremony organized by the “Baalbek Cultural Council” in its center in Baalbek.

“We believe that we are in the era of the dialogue of civilizations, which depends on the logic of understanding and the logic of reason,” he said.

“In politics, we must approach matters from the beautiful logic of culture, and when we talk about the dialogue of civilizations and write volumes and rant about the dialogue of civilizations, and that we are advocates of such dialogue, we must commit ourselves internally to dialogue away from arrogance at the table, until we are able to emulate people’s torments,” Hajj Hassan added.

“Today, there is no electricity in the country, and we are facing a real complex crisis, so we must all call for a real dialogue, and start the dialogue from its national gateway until we reach every detail,” he asserted.

“I firmly believe that now is the real moment when all the political parties in the country can be worthy of this homeland, and that they will be able, God willing, to save it in the near future, starting with the election of a President of the Republic, up to an authentic government, and then working to resolve all social and economic dossier and more…,” Hajj Hassan affirmed.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon

Bahrain: Free Dr. Abduljalil Al-Singace after a year and half on hunger strike

The following is a joint letter signed by two dozen NGOs including the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) calling on Bahrain’s rulers to free Dr. Abduljalil Al-Singace, who has been on hunger strike since July 2021:

King of Bahrain, Shaikh Hamad bin ‘Issa Al Khalifa

Crown Prince and Prime Minister, Sheikh Salman bin Hamad

Your Majesties,

We, the undersigned, write to you once more concerning the case of Dr. Abduljalil Al-Singace, an academic, award-winning activist and blogger who is serving a life sentence in Bahrain solely for exercising his human rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. On 14 December 2022, the European Parliament adopted an urgency resolution calling for the release of Al-Singace, alongside other prisoners, “who have been detained and sentenced for merely exercising their right to freedom of expression.”

On 13 August 2022, we wrote to you regarding Al-Singace and respectfully urged you to secure his immediate and unconditional release, and in the meantime, ensure that he receives adequate health care, be protected from torture and other ill-treatment, and that his academic work be transferred to his family. To date, none of our requests have been met or acknowledged, and Al-Singace’s situation remains one of increasing concern.

Today, 15 January 2023, marks Al-Singace’s 61st birthday, and his twelfth year spent in detention. It has now been a staggering year and a half since Al-Singace began his hunger strike on 8 July 2021 in response to the prison authorities’ confiscation of his book on Bahraini dialects of Arabic that he spent four years researching and writing by hand. During his hunger strike he has been sustaining himself only on multivitamin liquid supplement, tea with milk and sugar, water and salts. His health has significantly deteriorated since the start of his prison sentence.

We are deeply disturbed by updates from Al-Singace’s family that detail his current medical condition. Al-Singace suffers from diminished eyesight, pain and inflammation in his joints, tremors, and prostate problems. In recent months, these medical issues have continued to worsen—the pain in his left shoulder has increased and his eyesight has further deteriorated.

In light of Al-Singace’s worsening health, we are extremely concerned by the continued delay or denial of Al-Singace’s medications, in what we fear may be a punitive attempt to pressure him to end his hunger strike.

Furthermore, we are seriously alarmed by the information that we have received from Al-Singace’s family that he has been held in what effectively amounts to solitary confinement within his room in Kanoo Medical Centre, where he has been prohibited from going outside, being exposed to direct sunlight, or receiving the physiotherapy that he requires for his disability. The deliberate denial of healthcare has placed Al-Singace’s life in grave danger, and amounts to a clear failure to provide healthcare in line with Bahrain’s obligations under international human rights law.

In light of the above, we renew our call upon you to release Al-Singace immediately and unconditionally, and in the meantime to ensure he is held in conditions that meet international standards, receives his medication without delay and has access to adequate healthcare, in compliance with medical ethics, and to ensure that his arbitrarily confiscated research is immediately transferred to his family members.

Yours sincerely,

Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD)

Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB)

Amnesty International

Bahrain Press Association (BPA)

Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS)


Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN)

English PEN

European Centre for Democracy and Human Rights (ECDHR)

FIDH within the framework of the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders

Front Line Defenders (FLD)

Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR)

Human Rights First

Human Rights Watch (HRW)


International Service for Human Rights (ISHR)

MENA Rights Group

OMCT within the framework of the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders

PEN America

PEN International

Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED)


Scholars at Risk

Source: Gulf Center of Human Rights