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In a special ceremony, Caretaker Foreign Minister, Abdallah Bou Habib, and Caretaker Tourism Minister, Walid Nassar, welcomed beauty queen Yasmina Zaytoun, who recently won the titles of Miss Asia and Oceania and reaped the first runner-up title in the Miss World beauty pageant. The event was attended by the Chairman of LBC Television, Sheikh Pierre Daher, the Foreign Ministry’s Secretary-General, Hani Al-Chamaa, and senior diplomats from the ministry.

Minister Bou Habib praised Zaytoun, stating that she was a diplomatic standout in her defense of Lebanon during her participation in the Miss World competition. ‘Since we have a just cause that we strive for and address, we say to her, ‘you are our ambassador to the world, and we are proud of you.’

Bou Habib then granted Zaytoun a diplomatic passport issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to facilitate her work and travels abroad. He also invited her to participate in a diplomatic training course.

Tourism Minister Walid Nassar, in turn, noted that “Yasmin
a has imposed new standards on the organizers and judges of the Miss World pageant through her distinctive culture, proving that beauty queens are not only judged by their appearance but also by their culture.”

For her part, Zaytoun thanked Minister Bou Habib for his initiative, expressing her pride in being able to “convey Lebanon’s voice to the world and show its beautiful image,” also thanking the Ministry of Tourism for its support.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon