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French experts provide training courses for members of the Ministry of Interior in Misrata and Benghazi.

Benghazi: The General Administration of Training at the Ministry of Interior announced the launch of two training courses for a number of members of the Ministry in the area of basic skills in using computers at the Asaria Training Center in Benghazi and the Investor Training Center in Misrata.

The administration confirmed that the two courses were attended by 30 trainees from the various components of the ministry, noting that the process of follow-up and coordination is taking place in Misrata and Benghazi through the director of the branch of the General Administration for Training in the Eastern Region, the officer in charge of following up on the course, the director of Misrata Police Training Institute, and the director of Zliten Police Training Institute.

It stated that this course came within the framework of continuing to benefit from the training programs implemented by the France Experts Foundation under the supervision of the General Authority for Information within the ‘Digital People’ project,
which is organized in coordination with the Ministry of Interior.

Source: Libyan News Agency