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Gov’t approves mandating reasons for general pardon draft law

Amman: In compliance with royal directives, the Cabinet on Wednesday approved the mandating reasons for the 2024 General Pardon Draft Law and referred it to the Legislation and Opinion Bureau as a matter of urgency. The draft law will be examined and studied by the ministerial legal committee before it is returned to the Cabinet by early next week for approval according to the rules and in compliance with the requirements of the Constitution and sent to Parliament for completion during the current ordinary session.

According to Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh, the administration began drafting the General Pardon Law on Wednesday in observance of the King’s commands and in honor of the Silver Jubilee of His Majesty’s throne ascension.

Khasawneh emphasized that the draft law enshrines the rule of law, establishes justice principles and acts in accordance with them, protects citizens’ civil and personal rights, and takes into account the public interest in a way that does not conflict with the needs of social
peace and national security.

He underlined that the draft law’s mandating reasons consider the frameworks associated with the royal directive, emphasizing the urgency of implementing it and seeing it through its constitutional stages within the current ordinary session of the Parliament.

He underscored that this Royal Grant provides a chance for individuals who have strayed from the correct course at any point in time to examine their own actions and calculations and return to the correct course of action.

He reiterated further that the draft law incorporates the principles of restorative justice into the broader framework, protecting civil rights and individual civil rights, as well as any tax cases, cases involving the Competition Law, cases involving customs, and cases involving general treasury revenues. With the exception of extremely minor infractions or fundamental frameworks, these are not covered by this law.

Source: Jordan News Agency