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High temperatures expected Thursday, Khamsini weather for weekend

Amman: Soaring temperatures are anticipated across Jordan on Thursday, as meteorologists project a significant rise in the mercury. Warm conditions are expected over high mountainous regions and relatively hot weather in other areas. Particularly, hot conditions are forecast at the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and Aqaba, with occasional clouds at higher altitudes. Moderate southeast winds are expected, picking up and stirring dust in desert locales.

On Friday, the Kingdom is poised to experience a dry air mass known as Khamsini, leading to further temperature increases. It is anticipated that temperatures will exceed seasonal averages by approximately 6-7 degrees Celsius. Dusty conditions are expected to prevail, with relatively hot temperatures forecast for mountainous regions and plains. Cloud cover is forecast at higher altitudes, and winds are expected to shift from moderate southeast to southwest, occasionally picking up in intensity.

A noticeable drop in temperatures is expected on Saturday, accompani
ed by dusty yet warm conditions in most areas. However, relatively hot weather will persist in desert regions, the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and Aqaba. Cloud cover is expected at medium and high altitudes, with winds shifting to a moderate to brisk northwest direction.

Sunday will bring further relief from the heat, with temperatures dropping once again. The weather is expected to be mild over mountainous areas and warm in other regions. Clouds may appear at lower altitudes, with moderate northwest winds occasionally stirring up dust, especially in desert areas.

Today, temperatures in East Amman are forecast to range between 32 and 19 degrees Celsius, while in West Amman, they are expected to hover between 30 and 17 degrees Celsius. The Northern Highlands will see temperatures ranging from 28 to 16 degrees Celsius, and the Sharah Highlands from 29 to 14 degrees Celsius. At the Dead Sea, temperatures are expected to range between 38 and 24 degrees Celsius, and at the Gulf of Aqaba, between 39 and 25 degre
es Celsius.

Source: Jordan News Agency