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Mother’s Day celebrates creators of authentic values: Noura Al Suwaidi

ABU DHABI: Noura Al Suwaidi, Secretary-General of the General Women’s Union (GWU), called Mother’s Day an exceptional occasion to celebrate the creators of authentic values, tolerance, love, and giving throughout history.

She described this anniversary as a vibrant expression of loyalty, respect, and appreciation for all mothers. Al Suwaidi highlighted their crucial role in building strong families and raising generations.

“Mothers are the first teachers of belonging and loyalty,” Al Suwaidi said. “They are the pillars of society and symbols of giving. Their primary role is raising future generations with high moral values instilled with noble human principles. They empower their children to use their energies and talents for self-improvement and the progress of their families, society, country, and the world.”

She concluded by wishing all mothers well-being, health, and happiness every year.

Source: Emirates News Agency