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PRCS says 24 Palestinians were evacuated from al-Amal hospital

GAZA: The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said that, with prior coordination by the United Nations Office of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), it was able to evacuate 24 people yesterday from Al Amal Hospital, including 18 patients and wounded, 8 of whom needed urgent surgical operations.

The organization added in a brief statement on Monday that its crews, in cooperation with OCHA, were able to bring logistical materials, food and water to the hospital.

It pointed out that despite prior coordination by the United Nations team for the convoy and their escort to it, Israeli forces obstructed the passage of the convoy for about seven hours at the military checkpoint west of Al-Amal neighborhood, where all the paramedics were removed from their vehicles and forced to sit on the ground, while three paramedics were tied and taken away to an unknown destination after stripping them of their clothes, while the Israeli forces released one of them after midnight, and continues to detain paramedics Jihad Aslim and R
amadan Ashour.

Source: Palestine News and Information Agency – WAFA